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It‘s Q4 and Time To Start 2022 Planning

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on September 18, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

What are the key issues you’re facing that might impede your business growth in 2022? The internal and external factors that you need to address.  Do you know what they are?  Have you held your company planning session yet?  If not, what are you waiting for? 2022 is right around the corner.

In the episode, I’ll discuss some of the critical areas you need to include in your planning, along with some ideas to get them accomplished. 

You made a bad decision. Now what?

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on September 10, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

You screwed up. Made a bad decision. Now if you’re human, this has happened to you.  It’s inevitable.

Whether you’re an employee or business leader it has happened. And, I’m sure it has happened in your personal life as well.

The question is, how do you deal with this bad decision? And, what do you do about it?  One of the questions you need to consider with any bad decision is what are the unintended consequences?  

Join me, Angelo Ponzi, at the Business Growth Cafe as I explore this topic and offer up some ideas and steps you can take to deal with a “Bad Decision.”

Increasing Profit Margins with Operational Efficiencies

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on September 3, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Joining me at the Business Growth Cafe is Jeff Brown, Founder, and President of Brown and Associates, specializing in improving large-scale systems to develop and adopt a culture that eliminates waste and improves operational effectiveness. With 25 years of experience creating, building, and growing successful companies, Jeff has a unique ability to identify even the slightest improvements in operations and processes that yield dramatic results. A true entrepreneur with a passion and energy for driving results while maintaining fiscal responsibility, Jeff is uniquely able to recruit and hire only the best talent to build winning teams of sales and operational staff successfully.

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Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on August 26, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Joining me at the Cafe this week is Meredith Bell, co-founder, and President of Performance Support Systems, a global software company providing assessment and development tools for the workplace.

Meredith is an expert in leader and team communications, the author of two books, and the host of the Strong for Performance podcast. 

Will explore her book, Connect with Your Team, which covers the top 10 communication skills. Which 2 or 3 would you put at the top of the list?

Visit Amazon to purchase the book.

What’s your brand’s story?

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on August 19, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Originally published 10/2019

Storytelling has been used to shape and redefine events in order to persuade and change possible outcomes in history.  Storytelling evolved as a way to ensure that history was handed down from generation to generation, so historical events were retold over and over to educate and entertain an audience.

Join me at the Cafe as I explore the value and strategies of storytelling, along with some practical advice on establishing your story’s premise

Improve your people and leadership skills

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on August 6, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Joining me at the Business Growth Cafe is Joanie Connell, Ph.D., is a talent management expert, organizational consultant, author, public speaker, and a leadership and career coach for people across job levels, ages, and industries, and especially loves helping technical people improve their people skills.  As a psychologist, she works with both management and their teams to improve communications resulting in more effective and efficient teams.  Listen in as she shares some great advice that every business leader, especially those tech-oriented leaders can use to improve their business.


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Do you have a viable strategy to grow or sell your business?

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on July 22, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Join me, Angelo Ponzi, and my guest, Andy Peters, Founder and Managing Partner at AAKEN Business Brokerage.

Andy and his team are engaged when a business struggles and needs a fresh perspective, change directions, or someone to make the hard choices. In addition, they are brought in when an owner wants or needs to prepare to sell or is ready to sell now. As a consultant, fractional or interim CEO, and COO, Andy, I explore the value and perspective a consultant brings to a business in helping them achieve their goals. 

Want to explore and learn more about how Andy can help your business? You can reach him at or visit his website:

Improve the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile.

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on July 14, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

If you’re in business, you most likely have a LinkedIn profile. However, most people don’t have an effective profile.  Why, because we’re not LinkedIn experts!  Today at the Business Growth Café I have Rhonda Sher, a LinkedIn expert to discuss the ins and outs of optimizing your LinkedIn profile to help be discoverable when someone is searching for a service or person like you.

This is a master class in LinkedIn, so grab a notebook while you listen.

As a special offer, Rhonda is offering to audit your LinkedIn profile in 30 minutes on Zoom Review for $97, $100 off the normal price.

To take advantage of this offer, send an email to  and the Business Growth Café Offer in the subject line. Rhonda will respond with the details.

To connect with Rhonda on LinkedIn, go to

Building Hint Water, one sip at a time with Founder & CEO, Kara Goldin

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on July 8, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Today’s special guest is Kara Goldin, Founder, and CEO of Hint Water.

Kara joins me at the Business Growth Café to discuss her journey from the media and tech world to growing the #1 Unsweetened Water on the market. In her new book, Undaunted, Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, you’ll get to experience all of her ups and downs in her pursuit of growing Hint.

Listen in to this extended Business Growth Café episode as Kara offers up many life and business lessons you won’t want to miss.

I also highly recommend you pick up a copy of the book, a handbook really on entrepreneurship.

Click here to access Amazon Books.

Click here to buy Hint online or to find a store near you.



Have you ever considered franchising as a way to start a business?

Posted in Business Growth Cafe with tags , , , on June 24, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Frank Caperino, known as Franchise Frank, joins me at the Business Growth Cafe for a master class on buying a franchise. If you ever thought about buying a franchise, this is the show for you.  With over 20 years of franchise experience, Frank gets into all of the important things you need to know as you navigate this process to help you make the right and intelligent choice. This experience comes from not only helping people buy franchises but from being an operator himself.

To learn more, visit: