The Power of Podcasting

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Turn on, tune in and drop in on our latest discussion of THE POWER OF PODCASTING with our long time show host Charley Wright from Strategic Investor Radio as he talks with us about the power of this new long form storytelling medium.


The importance of using market research to define your strategies for business growth.

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At the Café, Jenny Dinnen, President of the market research firm, MacKenzie Corporation joined me to discuss the importance using market research to truly know your customer, define market opportunities and product strategies to create sustainable business growth.


Selling your business? Planning to exit? Wondering what your business is worth?

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Cary Potter, Chief Valuation Officer of Deal Valuation joined me, Angelo Ponzi at the Business Growth Café, here we discussed the good, bad and ugly truths about selling your business and the steps you can take to prepare yourself for a higher valuation.

We live, and die, based on our ability to persuade. Is this a skill you need to improve?

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Being effective at persuasion requires you to become an active listener regardless of who you are speaking with.  In this interview at the Business Growth Café with author, Jeff Tippett, of Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication Is The Only Force You Will Ever Need, we breakdown the difference between Manipulation and Persuasion in order to move people, as well as discuss tips you can implement for you and your team to become masters of persuasion.

Passion, determination and rock and roll all played a part in the success of building an apparel brand

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Dirtbag Clothing’s CEO, John Alves’ core values have remained the same – work hard to hone your craft and believe in yourself even when others doubt you. In this podcast, we discuss what it means to be Dirtbag and how a decision to get into the clothing and lifestyle business 23 years ago, changed his life’s passion.

How Pedego CEO turned a love for biking into a worldwide business

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CEO and co-founder of Pedego Electric Bikes joined me, Angelo Ponzi, at the Business Growth Café to discuss how he helped transform a lifelong love of bicycles and a dislike of hills and headwinds into the #1 electric bike brand.

The decision to sell or exit your company is not an easy one. If you’re ready or even thinking about it, this is the podcast for you!

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 JJ Richa, CEO of Business Vision Advisory and me, Angelo Ponzi your host at the Business Growth Café and fractional CMO, discuss how business owners early on in their company’s growth need to focus on building their valuation and the establishing the foundation of planning their exit strategies.

Lessons from the trenches and the ups and downs of being a serial entrepreneur! With Nick Panhwar, CEO of Teamknit

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Serial entrepreneur and current CEO of Teamknit, Nick Panhwar, discusses his journey from business concept to funding to growth to the sale of a business, as a well as investing in new business opportunities.