The Power of Podcasting

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Turn on, tune in and drop in on our latest discussion of THE POWER OF PODCASTING with our long time show host Charley Wright from Strategic Investor Radio as he talks with us about the power of this new long form storytelling medium.



Jerry Fink, Co-founder and Managing Partner, The Bascom Group

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Jerry Fink from The Bascom Group joins Barry Saywitz to discuss apartment market both nationally and in Southern California, only on OC Talk Radio

Can Reiki/Healing Touch help in the fight against disease?

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Jennifer Garrepy, Reiki Master, advanced studies in Healing Touch, and one of fewer than 100 Certified Healing Touch for Animals Practitioners worldwide. We chatted about how and why she was called to the healing arts, what to expect, how to prepare as well as my experience with a Healing Touch session.  After my session I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time, a calmness.  

For more information on Reiki/Healing Touch or to schedule an appointment please go to

City Councilman, Joe Stapleton for Newport Beach

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Mr. Stapleton and Barry Saywitz discuss the economic issues and growth plans for the City of Newport Beach.  Only on OC Talk Radio

Ep. 42: What You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish

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Are you considering self-publishing your book? You may be surprised to know that the traditional book publishing process is more complex than ever before. Self-publishing can seem like an attractive option, but it can be a costly mistake if you don’t do it correctly.

In this episode of the Pub Date Podcast, hosts Vanessa Campos and Jen Dorsey share insights into self-publishing and how you can avoid the pitfalls of costly mistakes. They be discuss the differences between self publishing and traditional publishing, and how to do it better and share the three steps you need to follow when starting on your publishing path:

1. Know Your Goals: Understand the differences between self-publishing, hybrid, and traditional publishing and decide which one is right for you.
2. Choose Your Team: Find experts in your genre and be a smart, educated customer.
3. Plan Ahead: Think about the marketing pieces of the process early on and make sure you’re the right author for the topic.


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Chairman of the Republican Party of OC, Fred Whitaker

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Fred Whitaker, the Chairman of the Republican Party of OC sits with Barry to discuss the political hot topics and outlook for 2023.  Live on OC Talk Radio

OUR COMMUNITY: Meet Cafe Cultura in Downtown Santa Ana

Posted in Business, hispanic on March 7, 2023 by OC Talk Radio

Meet an authentic Mexican cafe (like the kind you’d see strolling the streets of Mexico City) and learn more about what makes Cafe Cultura in Downtown Santa Ana such a popular place.  And a key part of the area’s vibrant food scene.

OUR COMMUNITY: Hear About Financial Aid at Whittier College

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Meet Whittier College’s Associate Director of Financial Aid Jesse Martinez and hear about the amazing financial assistance programs available at this private college here in Orange County.  And learn more about Jesse’s other roles as OCHCC Youth Chamber Advisor, Past President and current Access and Diversity Representative of CASFAA (California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators).  As well as Vice President of Downtown Santa Ana’s FEEL GOOD events.

OUR COMMUNITY: Meet Orangewood Foundation

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Join us as the Orangewood Foundation’s Kendra Puryear, Chief Development Officer and Christina Love Lopez, Senior Development Operations Manager join us to discuss all this great organization does supporting Foster and Community Youth Services thru things like the Samueli Academy Charter School and their other Health & Wellness, Housing, Education and Life Skills programs for these kids in need.

Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer breaks down the barriers.

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Let’s Win launched in 2016 with a goal of breaking down the barriers between the doctors, the patients and the researchers so that everyone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has easy access to the latest information about the best treatment options.

Join us as we talk about the growth of Survivor stories, importance of clinical trials and genetic testing.  Let’s Win platform educates patients and guides them to get to treatments and to clinical trials and information in lawmans terms.
“As long as you speak my name, I shall live forever,” today’s episode of Living Hope is dedicated to Anne Glauber

Creating the Future of Costa Mesa with Mayor John Stephens

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How does the effectiveness of city leadership affect your home value and satisfaction as a homeowner? 

In fact, so many of the benefits of investing in real estate — and the pursuit of the American Dream of home ownership — depend upon the cities in which we live.

To learn more about one of Orange County’s hottest markets, host Wendy Ross interviews City of Costa Mesa John Stephens in this episode.

Costa Mesa is one of Wendy’s favorites for so many reasons. For one, the City’s official motto is “the City of the Arts,” and it boasts a world-class cultural scene. But there’s so much more, including the City’s progressive approach to affordable housing and concern for first-time homebuyers. 

Learn more about Costa Mesa on its official site or contact Mayor Stephens directly at or 714-337-1872.