The Power of Podcasting

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Turn on, tune in and drop in on our latest discussion of THE POWER OF PODCASTING with our long time show host Charley Wright from Strategic Investor Radio as he talks with us about the power of this new long form storytelling medium.


How Story Selling Can Grow Your Business with Paul Roberts

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In spite of the increasingly fast-paced nature of today’s media, the art of long-form storytelling still thrives in the form of books, movies, TV and, more recently, podcasts. On this episode of the Pub Date podcast we have Paul Roberts join us and shares how STORYSELLING can make or break a book, podcast, interview, and even speaking career.


About our guest:

Paul Roberts, founder and station manager of OC Talk Radio, has been in the business of storytelling for decades. Lately, he spends his days amplifying the voices of the Orange County business ecosystem by helping his clients stream and record their live podcast shows in his studio at the Cove @ UCI, the headquarters of UCI Beall Applied Innovation.

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Pub Date Podcast | How to Go from Academic to Mainstream Writing with Dr. Kelly J. Baker

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This week on the Pub Date podcast, Jen Dorsey and Vanessa Campos talk with Dr. Kelly J. Baker, editor of Women in Higher Education, a feminist newsletter with the continued goal “to enlighten, encourage, empower and enrage women on campus” as well as The National Teaching and Learning Forum. She was the managing editor of Disability Acts, an all volunteer magazine for disability essays, screeds, and manifestos by disabled people for all people.
She is also a writer with a religious studies Ph.D. who covers religion, higher education, gender, labor, motherhood, and popular culture. As an essayist, historian, and journalist Dr. Baker shares how she made the move from academic to author and what it means to pivot to a different kind of writing that still honors your research life and what it’s like to market a book both in and out of the academic life.
Learn more about Dr. Kelly J. Baker by visiting or following her on Twitter @kelly_j_baker


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This week we’re happy to showcase another passionate Pedego owner.  An appeals attorney named Duane Daiker out of Tampa, Florida who found his ebike so appealing that he started his own podcast to chronicle his own journeys and experiences called ELECTRIC BIKE RADIO. 

Taking us thru his own evolution from regular bike rider to ebike enthusiast, as he found a way to get his wife back on the road after she suffered a serious heart attack at 50.  Giving her the confidence and capability to ride again. And opening up a whole new world of adventure (for both of them) like their recent trip through the National Parks of Utah. Going farther than they once thought possible. And telling the world all about it. On ELECTRIC BIKE RADIO and this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.

Building a strategic relationship between Sales and Marketing with guest Rich Cocuzzo

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Sales and Marketing are your growth engines for your business.  That’s why it’s important that the relationship between sales & marketing are in alignment to drive business growth and profitability. 

Today my guest, Rich Cocuzzo, President of Sales Velocity Advisors, and I discuss the relationship between sales and marketing, as well as our own challenges in growing our individual businesses.


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Hear Again Don‘s Journey to Starting Pedego

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No new show last week (due to Thanksgiving).  But feast on our first episode with Pedego Founder Don DiCostanzo on why he joined the eBike Revolution and how he built this fast growing, Orange County based Electric Bicycle company and it’s unique network of nearly 200 dedicated dealers.  then join us for our next live show this Thursday, Dec. 2nd at noon Pacific Time on as we talk with more of the entrepreneurs driving this revolution…and the love stories of those just riding along!

Shatner flies on his Pedego EBike

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Our Pedego Podcast is off for Thanksgiving week. But we thought we’d celebrate anyway with a “blast from the past”.  And what better to show our Thanks than to share our earlier episode with Star Trek’s famed Captain Kirk (otherwise known as actor William Shatner). Who talked to us about his passion for eBikes (and the pack of them he got for his extended family of 14 to ride).  From riding rockets into space to riding his Pedego eBike everywhere else, this 90 year old explorer continues to push the boundaries of what aging looks like today (for all of us!).  

On their first date, they discover they both lost their first spouses to pancreatic cancer.

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What are the odds of going on your first date, talking, enjoying each others company.  You feel this amazing connection and in getting to know each other you ask the question “how did your spouse die?” Imagine the dismay they must have felt to realize they both lost their spouse to pancreatic cancer.

Lee and Dwaine are open and honest about their relationship, their relationship with their pervious spouses, their loss, how they found each other and their common passion to help others and how they keep fighting the world’s toughest cancer in honor of their spouses.

This episode is dedicated to Sally Reitler and Chuck Mattei

The power of storytelling and animation to communicate complex ideas with Karl Pontau

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Karl Pontau, founder of Squash and Stretch Productions joins me at the Business Growth Cafe to discuss the power of storytelling and animation to communicate complex ideas, simply. 

Karl’s mission is to improve the lives of people around the world by telling engaging stories that build empathetic connections and inspire positive change. 

You can find Karl’s LinkedIn profile here:

As a special free offer to Business Growth Cafe listeners, Karl is offering you a 30 minute Exceptional Brand Storytelling coaching session over Zoom. Click this link to schedule your session now!

Running 2 Businesses at Once

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Who says you can’t successfully run two businesses at once? Not today’s guest, Jordan Clark.  A hard charging corporate executive who found himself out on the road (as always). But stranded in his hotel down by the beach with an afternoon to kill. 

He spots a Pedego Electric Bike in his hotel lobby and on a whim decides to rent one and try riding a bit (not easy with his then 330 pound frame). And eureka!  He gets his own eBike epiphany and decides to buy a few for fun. Only to end up buying the whole store in Summerlin, NV and two more in Henderson and Lake Las Vegas. After dropping 80 pounds along the way from his new found passion for riding.

All while continuing to run his own corporate meeting business from his base in Las Vegas. 

Showing once again what can happen when people simply say “Hello Fun” and start pedaling along on a Pedego. And follow the path driving more and more entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to the eBike Revolution.  

Creating a world where consumption leaves no footprint, one single-use plastic at a time!

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Five hundred million plastic straws are used daily, and with many states and cities issuing bans on single-use plastics, what’s the alternative?  Well, it’s UrthPact! UrthPact is now the leader in compostable manufacturing focused on developing products from earth-friendly materials.

UrthPact CEO Paul Boudreau joins me at the Business Growth Cafe to discuss his mission to keep 25 billion plastic pieces from reaching the oceans and landfills by the year 2025 and how UrthPact straws can help, one sip at a time!