The Power of Podcasting

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Turn on, tune in and drop in on our latest discussion of THE POWER OF PODCASTING with our long time show host Charley Wright from Strategic Investor Radio as he talks with us about the power of this new long form storytelling medium.


How a man goes from being healthy, to a diabetic with an inoperable pancreatic cancer tumor to being stable.

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Ken Parme, a husband, father, grandfather a man with many talents when asked how he wants to be remembered he replied very simply “as a kind man.” Ken is a very kind, friendly, talented man who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a number of years.  It wasn’t until he shared his journey with us that I realized how much we had in common in regards to our diagnosis.  In December 2012 Ken was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor.  The tumor was wrapped around his veins, and lying against his aorta.

Ken took good care of himself, ate right and was active. He was a power walker and one day on a walk with his wife Rebecca, he couldn’t keep up with her. Rebecca insisted he go see his doctor. Tests were done and Ken was told he was a diabetic and started on insulin immediately. After starting insulin, Ken still felt lousy, so his wife made an appointment with an endocrinologist. Ken, shares his journey starting with his diagnosis of an inoperable pancreatic cancer tumor, his treatment with chemotherapy, the use of the new Cyber-Knife, his eight years “stable status” and a book he and his wife wrote together. Ken and Rebecca Parme wrote a book “In The Gaze of The Divine, Life with Pancreatic Cancer.” from the patient/survivor and caregiver point of view. Available on Amazon.  Ken has also written a children’s book available on Amazon “The Adventures of Madde Mckinsey

This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to Ken’s wonderful, wife and Caregiver, Rebecca. We want to leave you with a quote from their book, “May we all get to the place where we can accept -let go- and focus on the blessing of the day.”

Paul and I had a chat about COVID, PurpleStride, positive thinking and future episodes.

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Paul and I sat down and had a chat about the ways in which COVID has complicated people’s battle with pancreatic cancer.  The affects it had on the patient and their families. Being back in person at PurpleStride, how having a positive outlook can get you through the difficult times.  What we hope for the future of Living Hope and more!

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EOS Turns Clients into Life-Long Friends

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On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sat down with Ed Callahan, one of the early adopters of EOS who has been with the program for more than thirteen years. Ed even helped Will himself become involved in EOS. Though he has now earned emeritus status, Ed’s life has been and continues to be impacted by his time helping others live their best EOS life. Throughout the episode, Will and Ed discussed life before EOS, clients and their unique stories, and advice to all implementers.


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Show Notes:

(0:39) Introduction

(1:15) Life before EOS

(11:10) Client Stories

(20:30) EOS Life

(39:48) Advice to All Implementers



Will Crist

Ed Callahan




“I think that’s a message to anybody listening…The clients you work with will become friends for life.” Ed Callahan, (16:46)


“EOS and its tools got [my clients] through this really difficult time at the front end and they swear by it.” Ed Callahan, (20:07)


“…EOS life has really been extraordinarily beneficial to me. You know, I’m an empty nester for a long time. Now I’ve got five grandchildren. So traveling to see those kids, traveling with my wife—it’s what we love to do.” Ed Callahan, (25:32)


“…Then and now, people rarely blink once they understand the value when they hear your fee.” Ed Callahan, (29:11)

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Reporting on the EBike Revolution

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We’re not the only ones covering this story!  Meet Dave Hogan a former journalist and current blogger who writes about e-bikes in his blog THIS EBIKE LIFE. Authoring a book on the subject as well entitled E-BIKES: Putting the FUN Back Into Cycling (and Life) at Any Age (which includes profiles on Pedego Co-founder and CEO Don DiCostanzo and on two devoted Pedego customers, Dr. Miryam Liberman and Laura Maydahl who we’ve both had the privilege of interviewing).

Like many Baby Boomers, Dave grew up riding a bike as a child. His bike was his freedom. He rode it to school, parks, and pretty much anywhere he wanted to go. When he got married 46 years ago, he and his wife Kathy gave each other matching bicycles as wedding gifts. 

Now he’s migrated to a Pedego Electric bike.  And with that move, found a whole new interest and angle to write about. Sharing the same stories we’re all hearing from the trail of people getting back on a bike (often after years away from riding). Chronicling the same EBike Revolution we talk about here on the Pedego Podcast.


A woman deals with the roller coaster ride of diagnosis, being cancer free, to reoccurrence.

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Laurie Paolone went to lunch with friends.  Later when she wasn’t feeling well she thought she had food poisoning.  When the symptoms became worse she went to the Dr and was treated for an ulcer. It wasn’t until someone noticed she was jaundice (yellowing of skin/eyes) that she was told to go to the ER immediately and learned she had pancreatic cancer.   The first thing Laurie thought of was “oh my God, I can’t have my parents bury me.”  Laurie shares her inspirational journey through the roller coaster ride of diagnosis, the Whipple, chemotherapy, radiation, being cancer free to reoccurrences, only OC Talk Radio, Orange County’s only community radio station, live streamed from UCI Beall Applied Innovation Center at the Cove.


Landlords, Neighbor Disputes & New Laws with Anthony W. Burton –

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In the realm of real estate disputes, what are people suing for or otherwise getting into trouble over?

This is such a thorny issue in residential real estate that “This Week with Wendy” host invited Anthony W. Burton in for a second interview. 

Tony is the founder and managing partner of AWB Law, P.C. He has spent his career litigating and fighting on behalf of his clients whether their needs arise from an injury, a real estate dispute or a business dispute. 

Tony works closely with his clients to evaluate appropriate legal strategies and to develop a plan which will help his clients accomplish their goals as efficiently as possible. He’s also a tireless advocate for his clients and has tried several jury and bench trials successfully on behalf of his clients.

Learn more about Tony at AWB Law. 

Get to Know Wendy Ross

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What makes Wendy Ross tick?

In this episode, we turn the tables on “This Week with Wendy” host and ask the veteran real estate leader to lend her insight on Orange County real estate. Thanks to deft interviewing from OC Talk Radio producer Paul Roberts, we learn what made Wendy such a self-defined “data nerd” and why she has so much heart for Orange County. 

Learn more about Wendy at Veracity Real Estate Co


Learn about Alzheimer’s Association Orange County with Deborah Levy & Jamie Webb

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Where can Orange County families who face a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease turn? 

According to a 2021 report released by the California Department of Public Health, people 55 and older with Alzheimer’s will increase by 122%, and people 65 and older with the disease will increase by 136% in Orange County by 2040. The number of Californians with the disease is expected to more than double during that time.

That’s why we need to consider this important issue and its implications upon us. In this episode, host Wendy Ross interviews Deborah Levy, the executive director of Alzheimer’s Association Orange County, and Jamie Webb, founder of Haven Care Management, who also is a member of the board of directors of Alzheimer’s Association Orange County.

Learn more about how to support their pivotal work and services here

Bringing Mexico City Flavor to Orange County with Chef Ivan Calderón

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What defines a tastemaker?

As founder and chef of Orange County-based Taco Rosa, Taco Mesa, and Taco Mesa—Tortillería Orgánica & Café, Ivan Calderón has been setting a standard for Mexico City Cuisine for nearly three decades. His name has become synonymous with authenticity, sustainability and quality – all of which are reflected in the brand’s integrity, from the ingredients he sources to the tradition he highlights throughout his menu and restaurants.

Chef Calderón’s approach to healthy, authentic and sustainable Mexican cuisine goes beyond the trendy words. His commitment to serving only locally sourced GMO-free corn involves a nixtamalization process that dates back as early as 1200 BC in the now-southern Mexico region. The process takes hours, but for Chef Calderón, a worthwhile one, since it removes nearly all aflatoxins from corn.

In this episode, Wendy explores how this OC tastemaker built his restaurant empire and gives listeners tips on how to adapt his vision into your own home. 

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse with Brendan Ford and Kristopher Diulio

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Can anything be done to help seniors, veterans and their families stay in their homes? 

Show sponsors, Ford & Diulio PC, step into the studio to join host Wendy Ross in a sobering discussion about real estate disputes — with an emphasis on the work these litigators have done to support the most vulnerable among us. 

Brendan, who is the founding partner of Ford & Diulio, has developed a stellar reputation for mediating complex, often emotionally charged disputes. Brendan was selected by Super Lawyers Magazine as a Southern California Super Lawyer every year since 2019 and has amassed other awards as well. In addition to his professional legal accomplishments, Brendan is an operatic tenor and a former musical theater actor and remains passionate about the performing arts. 

Kristopher also is a founder and partner at Ford & Diulio.  He has nearly two decades of experience representing business and employment disputes. A native of Orange County, Kris is a member of the board of directors for the Orange County Youth Sports Foundation. In addition, Kris is a former member of the California State Guard and received an accommodation medal and other awards for his service, primarily providing legal assistance to deployed or deploying service members.