The Power of Podcasting

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Turn on, tune in and drop in on our latest discussion of THE POWER OF PODCASTING with our long time show host Charley Wright from Strategic Investor Radio as he talks with us about the power of this new long form storytelling medium.


Who Owns the Pipeline. The Creators or the Closers

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Who Owns the Pipeline. The Creators or the Closers

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The pipeline or sales funnel is evolving as marketing becomes more aggressive and sophisticated in the creation of not only sales leads, but qualified leads.  It only takes a view of sales funnel models to see that marketing has evolved from top of the funnel suppliers to active participants in many stages of the customer journey.  The question is, who owns the pipeline?   The creators or the closers?  Sometimes marketing is assuming both duties.  In B2C marketing is called upon to do both, in B2B not so much. 

In this interview The Pedowitz Group’s VP of Sales Scott Benedetti and its CMO and VP of Strategy agree and disagree and then agree again on who owns the pipeline from their unique perspectives.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

They discuss:

  • Interesting banter between a VP of Sales and a CMO and VP of company strategy
  • Who owns the pipeline is the wrong question!
  • Why executive level sponsorship is needed
  • Why everybody in the company owns the pipeline
  • In the reality it is the customer who owns the pipeline

Scott Benedetti

Scott Benedetti serves as Vice President of Sales at The Pedowitz Group where he is accountable for helping TPG and its client organizations achieve measurable revenue results. He is obsessed with helping customers along their Revenue Marketing™ journey to transform their operations from a cost center to a revenue center.

Kevin Joyce

Kevin Joyce is CMO and vice president of strategy services with The Pedowitz Group. He holds a unique combination of marketing skills and sales experience that helps companies to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

About The Pedowitz Group

 The Pedowitz Group (TPG) is a Revenue Marketing™ consulting firm headquartered near Atlanta, Ga. We believe that Marketing is the driver of customer engagement that fuels the revenue engine. Many of today’s successful CMOs are operationalizing business accountability, digital transformation and the customer experience through marketing operations. As your partner, TPG helps you plan, build and optimize your revenue engine by delivering services in MarTech, demand generation and marketing operations.

TPG has worked with over 1,300 clients to enable marketing and sales. Our expertise spans the six major categories of MarTech, including marketing automation, CRM and content platforms. We specialize in helping mid-market and enterprise organizations in financial services, manufacturing, software, technology and business services.

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Author David Cook: How to Be A GREAT Salesperson…by Monday Morning!

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Sounds too good to be true, and yet it appears it isn’t as I have already tried some of David’s techniques and been rewarded.  In his book, How To Be A GREAT Salesperson…by Monday Morning!

David Cook reveals key sales techniques—including where to insert urgency, when to use a third-party close, and how to shorten the sales cycle.  In this interview he will discuss his motivational principles that will help you approach customers with a new level of confidence and enthusiasm you never thought possible.   The host is Jim Obermayer.

9780998684819_p0_v1_s550x406.jpgFrom Amazon:

Kindle: $8.95

Paperback: 14.95

Barnes & Noble

Paperback: $14.95

In an engaging and thought-provoking interview, Cook discusses:

  • Laugh your way to the bank: Why making your customers laugh is a powerful strategy
  • Start closing when you say hello: Why coughing during your sale can make a difference
  • David’s top closing strategies can be used on buyers  in any industry
  • What makes an leading salesperson? The  traits that make you stand out
  • The three crucial elements to any successful sale
  • The simple phrase that works every time “Forgive my persistence, please:”
  • Ask for help, NEVER ask a customer to do you a favor!

About David Cook and Sales Training on The Go

Award-winning author Dave Cook, CEO and founder of Sales Training On-the-Go, is one of the most in-demand experts on sales training, coaching, and motivation around the world. Cook is the #1 rated producer at Business and Legal Resources (BLR), with awards including: CEO / President’s Club Award for Outstanding Sales Achievement for all eleven years of his employment and the Joe Berneski Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership Skills

With unequaled expertise, Cook’s training will help anyone to rise to the top of their field and achieve their greatest professional goals, faster than they ever thought possible.

Learn more about Dave Cook at and connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter, and Facebook.

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Keeping It Real Estate with Rosanne Nitti 04-03-18

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Join us for the inaugural episode of KEEPING IT REAL with Rosanne Nitti as she lays out her vision for the show, Tuesdays @ 2:30pm PT.  On Orange County’s only community talk radio station, OC Talk Radio.

Sales Enablement’s Evolution from a Front Row Seat with Jim Ninivaggi

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Sales Enablement’s Evolution from a Front Row Seat with Jim Ninivaggi

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Join us for this episode:  Sales Enablement’s Evolution from a Front Row Seat with Jim Ninivaggi,Chief Readiness Officer at Brainshark, Inc.

 Hear Jim as he talks about:

  • His front row seat to the evolution of sales enablement.  How does it differ from what he saw 6 years ago?
  • The “bifurcation” that is happening and how it is primarily around two key areas of sales enablement: sales readiness and sales content management. We will discuss what this means.
  • We will discuss how this bifurcation is shaping the sales enablement tech landscape.
  • How sales enablement is a critical component of marketing alignment in some key areas:
    • Helping in the management of content.
    • Ensuring reps can use assets effectively in their buyer interactions.
    • Helping ensure lead conversion through better initial buyer conversations.
    • Working hand-in glove with product marketing to ensure reps are ready to position enhancements and new products.
  • We will wrap up by talking about the group that seems always lost in the alignment discussion – first-line managers, and how we need to think about providing assets for managers to use in coaching reps.

More about our guest:  Jim is an established thought leader and business analyst from his former role as the head of SiriusDecisions’ sales enablement practice. He has researched and presented to business leaders around the world on advanced concepts in optimizing sales talent, maximizing rep productivity, world-class sales leadership and sales enablement technology. Jim has published more than 200 research briefs and engaged audiences at hundreds of conferences, forums and executive presentations.


Living Comfortably with Data

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Our host, Lee Silverman welcomes Mark Tietbohl. He is a growth strategies advisor and change catalyst at Growth Strategy Advisors. Topics today are about getting comfortable with data.

There is a great deal of data eveywhere today. So much so, that most organizations wanting to start the data driven decision process can easily become overwhelmed. There are numerous studies that show that companies that drive decision with data experience greater growth than those that do not.

But the key to doing this well for the long haul is to start with a “less is more” approach. Getting comfortable with data requires that you choose initially what matters to you rather than drinking from the firehose.

Some of the questions they’ll cover include:

  1. What are the dangers of collecting too much data too soon?
  2. Data and technology makes it easier to change direction for marketing today. Is this a good thing?
  3. Are there downsides of data driven approach?
  4. If you are not a currently a data driven decision making organization, how do you get started?

In addition to serving as an adjunct instructor for Web Analytics/SEO and Mobile Marketing in the IMC program, Mark Tietbohl is currently engaged in providing marketing and business development strategy support to technology industry clients.