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Ep. 43: Unspoken Truths for Career Success with the Job Doctor Tessa White

Posted in book publishing, Business on March 24, 2023 by OC Talk Radio

In this episode of the Pub Date Podcast, we are joined by the Job Doctor herself Tessa White. 

Tessa is an HR leader and author of “The Unspoken Truth for Career Success: Navigating Pay, Promotions, and Power at Work.” In her book, Tessa shares her knowledge and experience to help others navigate their career journey and create balance between the workplace and their lives. 

In her journey to becoming a published author she became an unlikely influencer on TikTok by sharing her advice and being her authentic self. With her fearless attitude and an unapologetic drive to succeed, Tessa has become an example of what is possible when you take the leap and follow your dreams. Listen in as we talk about how to:

  • Set a goal to achieve career balance.
  • Develop a plan to reach your goal, which may include using social media and other digital platforms to spread your message.
  • Read voraciously and stay up to date on trends in the industry.
  • Overcome fear and take risks.
  • Say “yes” more often and open yourself up to new opportunities.
  • Learn the language of your company and use it to your advantage.
  • Understand the company culture and how it can help you succeed.

Have you read Tessa’s book? Be sure to pick up the paperback here:


Ep. 42: What You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish

Posted in book publishing, Business on March 10, 2023 by OC Talk Radio

Are you considering self-publishing your book? You may be surprised to know that the traditional book publishing process is more complex than ever before. Self-publishing can seem like an attractive option, but it can be a costly mistake if you don’t do it correctly.

In this episode of the Pub Date Podcast, hosts Vanessa Campos and Jen Dorsey share insights into self-publishing and how you can avoid the pitfalls of costly mistakes. They be discuss the differences between self publishing and traditional publishing, and how to do it better and share the three steps you need to follow when starting on your publishing path:

1. Know Your Goals: Understand the differences between self-publishing, hybrid, and traditional publishing and decide which one is right for you.
2. Choose Your Team: Find experts in your genre and be a smart, educated customer.
3. Plan Ahead: Think about the marketing pieces of the process early on and make sure you’re the right author for the topic.


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Ep. 41: Is Your Book Cover Making the Cut?

Posted in book publishing, Business on February 17, 2023 by OC Talk Radio

Are book covers important when it comes to online sales? Is it possible to stand out among thousands of other books with just a cover?

On this episode of the Pub Date podcast, hosts Vanessa Campos and Dr. Jen Dorsey are joined by producer Paul Roberts to discuss their recent award-winning book cover and the importance of book covers in the realm of online sales.

This year the Broad Book Group team won the bronze design award from PubWest for Street Pricing: A Pricing Playlist for Hip Leaders in B2B SaaS by Marcos Rivera, founder of Pricing I/O. The book cover is the perfect example of how books can bring together complex pricing strategies for B2B businesses and the author’s appreciation of hip hop culture to help the work stand out from the competition.

Learn from our hosts Vanessa, Jen and Paul as they delve into the power of book covers and how they can help authors and publishers stand out from the crowd.

Ep. 40: Overcome Procrastination and Unlock Your Writing Potential with Lisa McFadden

Posted in book publishing, Business on January 21, 2023 by OC Talk Radio

Our guest is Lisa McFadden, Founder and Coach of The Writer’s Mindset. She helps writers overcome self-doubt and design their lives to support their writing goals and aspirations. In a world of competitive writers and relentless inner critics, Lisa McFadden pursues her dream of helping writers to overcome their blocks, find their process and get their writing goals done.

You will learn:

  • How to Overcome Writing Blocks and Reach Writing Goals: Learn how to identify and overcome writing blocks, utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, and build self-compassion to reach writing goals.
  • The Impact of Social Media on Writing: Discover how to cleanse social media of negative triggers and escape a dopamine habit to increase productivity and write more effectively.
  • Managing Boundaries and Time for Writers: Explore strategies for setting boundaries and managing time to create a balanced lifestyle that supports creativity and productivity.

About our guest:
Lisa McFadden is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, film festival journalist, and coach of the Writer’s Mindset. She helps writers overcome self-doubt and design their lives to support their writing goals. Follow her on Instagram @thewritersmindset

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Ep. 39: Think You Need a Book Publicist? Marissa Eigenbrood of Smith Publicity and Vanessa Campos Talk Through It

Posted in book publishing, Business on December 20, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Smith Publicity president, Marissa Eigenbrood joins the Pub Date podcast to talk about books, marketing, and author goals.

We’ve worked on several projects across a few publishers and indie clients and everyone has been delighted with the work that the team at Smith has done. But the ones that are most appreciative are the indie authors who understand that their book can bring credibility to their business. So if you’re an entrepreneur, be sure to tune in and take notes!


About Our Guest

Marissa Eigenbrood is President of Smith Publicity, working closely with all teams across the company. Throughout her career in public relations, she has worked with non-profits, Fortune 500 corporations, international brands, college/universities, tech start-ups and the publishing industry, including small to large-sized publishers, hybrid presses, debut authors and industry thought leaders. She brings extensive knowledge of the public relations realm, as well as an organized and dedicated focus, to all she does. Learn more about them at


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Ep. 38: How to Sell Your Books in Non-Bookstores (yeah, we’re talking airports!)

Posted in book publishing, Business on November 11, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Where can you sell books? The answer is ANYWHERE! 

On this episode of Pub Date, we share non-traditional places where you can sell your book and how to get your book into those nontraditional retailers.

Knowing where to sell your book means that you have to really know your audience. Unpack how to know them better (market research, comps, etc.). Some non-book places you can sell books include:

  • Specialty stores related to your topic (REI, quilt stores, running stores, you name it)
  • Associations like the American Marketing Association, Vistage, and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)
  • Corporations (yes, they can and will hire you to speak to their employees! So don’t forget to build in a book sale in your fees)
  • Speaking events, festivals, conferences, workshops (TedTalks, SXSW, and even regional conferences for those associations you’re already a member of)
  • And everyone’s favorite AIRPORTS! 

Ep. 37: Book Distribution 101

Posted in book publishing, Business on October 28, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

How do you sell your book around the world as a traditional author or a trailblazing self-publishing author?


Ep. 36: How to Turn Your TED Talk into a Book

Posted in book publishing, Business on October 24, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Is turning a speech into a book a good idea?

“Content remains king and everyone’s making all the things and doing all the speeches and giving all the talks and teaching all the courses, but they still love the idea of it being a book because that provides some ethos building and some validity because I have a book.”

We are book nerds, so we are really interested in the recent trial to block Penguin Random House’s acquisition of Simon and Schuster. So much so, that we purchased the ebook version of the transcripts of the trial by Publishers Lunch, and boy it was a lot of information to process. The document is huge and not fancy in its presentation. This led us to wonder if you can turn anything into a book.

Listen in as Jen and Vanessa talk about all the different ways you could repurpose content, like a speech, webinar, or course, into a book. We also discuss how the the framework is that you have to be careful with the content and make sure it is not just a transcription of the speech. And making sure that the book is associated with the speech, but not the exact same thing. 

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Ep. 35: How to Launch Your Book Like a Product

Posted in book publishing, Business on September 16, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

When it comes to launching your book we are big fans of taking inspiration from new product launches.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or CEO you’re probably thinking “I’ve got this.” But the truth is that you really need to sit, think about it the product, and plan for a book launch months before your book is complete.

In this episode of the Pub Date Podcast we’re joined by Terry Rice, a business development consultant, staff writer at Entrepreneur magazine, and host of the Launch Your Business podcast, to give you tips on how to reach your ideal audience, test your concepts, and create a work flow that allows you to get it all done.

About Terry:

Terry Rice is a Business Development Consultant and Staff Writer at Entrepreneur magazine. He’s also the host of Launch Your Business, a podcast that helps entrepreneurs make money, save time and avoid burnout. His previous experience includes internal consulting roles at Adobe and Facebook. Based in Brooklyn, Terry is an instructor at New York University, speaks at business development events on behalf of Amazon and Google, and has been featured as a subject matter expert by Good Morning America.


Instagram/Twitter: @itsterryrice


Ep. 34: What’s the best option for your business book: hardcover or paperback?

Posted in book publishing, Business on September 2, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

On this episode of the Pub Date podcast we discuss the big question in book publishing: Should you release the hardcover before the paperback?

We’ve seen it all when it comes to this conversation. Authors like the prestige of having that hardcover with dust jacket at a book signing, but as a self-published author does that matter? When it comes to formats we’re agnostic.

There are pros and cons to everything in book publishing. And if you’re self publishing your next book, you can do what makes sense for you, your business, and your bottom line.