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Free Wheelchair Mission

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If you’re looking to give a “feel good” present for the holidays, consider making a donation to Free Wheel Chair Mission in someone’s name. For just $72, some needy person will get a free wheelchair in some Third World country in your giftee’s name.

Your friend or family member will get a card telling them what you donated in their name and then get to pick out the country this free wheelchair will go to (out of 82 choices). If they send in their email, they’ll even get a picture of the recipient sitting in your mutual gift! Wow…who could do better for just $72?

For more info, check out or listen to the interview we just did with them on OC Talk Radio’s “Critical Mass: Non Profit Show” by visiting our storage site at


Our own Chuck Gibson gains endorsements for Santa Margarita Water District race

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Our own Chuck Gibson, volunteer producer for OC Talk Radio’s “Open Mic” program, has picked up another endorsement in his campaign to serve on the Santa Margarita Water District Board.

Chuck has not only won the endorsement of the outgoing President of the Board, Bill Lawson, but also was endorsed today by The South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee. Gibson is among a select few candidates the group has endorsed that exemplify its ideals, which include:

  • Greater investment in our region’s Infrastructure; this includes strong advocacy for a comprehensive solution to our region’s significant transportation challenges and ensuring a reliable supply of energy and water resources;
  • Appropriate supply of quality, reasonably-priced Housing for our region’s workforce; and
  • Enhanced Workforce Development opportunities to prepare the next generation of skilled workers for the challenges of tomorrow.

The Chamber and its Economic Coalition will launch and fund specific initiatives that support one or more of the above advocacy goals. It will educate and mobilize not just business leaders, owners and their employees but a broad spectrum of community leaders who understand the importance of these issues to future economic and job growth.

We heartily join this list of community leaders in endosing Chuck and urge all our South Orange County listeners to vote for him in the upcoming election.  To learn more about his expertise on the subject, listen to our past episodes of OPEN MIC where he investigates and reports on the controversial Cadiz Water project.

Think of Internet Talk Radio as Another Social Medium

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As a community radio station, our mandate is to “stimulate conversations” and give local businesses and community groups “a voice on the Internet.”

As such, we’re always looking for “learning moments” where everyone can learn from the ideas and experiences of others.  Here’s one of those “learning moments” from our show CRITICAL MASS FOR BUSINESS (which airs live on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-5pm PST).

OC Talk Radio Attends Rick Perry Rally

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Fresh from his first appearance in a Republican debate, Gov. Rick Perry, the current front runner for the GOP nomination, held his first rally here in Orange County on Thursday, September 8th at Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar.  Hosted by the OC Republican Party and longtime Republican activist Gavin Herbert (the owner of Rogers Gardens), what was originally envisioned as a quick “meet and greet” for the candidate following his appearance the night before at the MSNBC/Politico debate in Simi Valley (at the Reagan Library), quickly became a raucus, standing room only event (and the toughest ticket in town to get).

National media swarmed to cover the candidate’s first “post debate” appearance and OC Talk Radio was proud to be among them in the coveted, cordoned off, media corner.  Our field producer Chuck Gibson (co-host of our popular OPEN MIC show every Wednesday from 2-3pm PST with Jim Schmitt, Editor and Publisher of the Ladera Times) was privilaged to represent us and to capture some audio interviews (which he’ll share on next week’s program). “It was a highly charged event,” reports Chuck from inside the tightly controlled press area, “full of lots of people and lots of enthusiasm.”

Orange County Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh appeared on stage in support of Perry – a shift from Baugh’s leading role in support of Mitt Romney in 2008. Additional opening remarks included Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson (another former OC Talk Radio guest) with commentary strongly supporting Governor Perry. To read more about the event, pick up a copy of next month’s Octorber issue of THE LADERA TIMES or tune into OC Talk Radio next week from 2-3pm as Chuck and Jim discuss the impact of this event and his initial rections to Gov. Ric Perry’s first appearance before the OC Republican faithful.

Why I Created OC Talk Radio

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For those intested, here’s the “backstory” of how OC Talk Radio began.

“Social media is not an ad. People don’t see your post, tweet or LinkedIn profile and buy. The purpose (and promise) of all social mediums is simply to start a conversation with someone you’d like to meet.”

I belong to a group called CRITICAL MASS FOR BUSINESS. It’s a facilitated CEO PEER GROUP that meets once a month for 4 hours. The group is limited to 12 members, all of whom own similarly sized businesses in non-competeing industries.

Our typical agenda starts with a recap of what happened to all of us over the prior month including reports on whatever we did (or didn’t do) to implement the suggestions, ideas and “action plans” from our last meeting. For many of us (me included) this “accountability to someone other than yourself” may be one of the most important features of this group. We’re all entrepreneurs, not used to reporting to anyone but ourselves. The problem with that approach (however) is that it’s far too easy to make excuses or put off painful decisions when there is no one looking over your shoulder, prodding you to improve and move forward. “I’ll do it tomorrow” too often means it never gets done.

Then comes the truly transformative part of the meeting: the “round table discussions”. Here is where the rubber meets the road and people really get to the heart of their issues. Using a strictly controlled “question and answer process” (guided by our professional facilitators) we probe, distill and digest whatever issues each member wishes to bring forward. It’s not always a pleasant experience to be on “the hot seat” but it’s always informative and often illuminating. This is the only true “no spin zone” I know. You’re in a confidential setting with 11 other struggling entrepreneurs, many of whom are wrestling with the same issues and obstacles you are. And it s the only place I know where you get really honest, no bs feed back. Who else is gonna tell you such truth? Your friends and family (who don’t want to hurt your feelings?) Your employees (who don’t want to lose their jobs?) Or some consultant (who really wants to please you and keep getting paid and whose narrow expertise may not allow them to see the whole picture?)

This is the magical “mastermind” part of the meeting: 12 individual minds coming together as one urging, adding to and otherwise improving upon each previous thought. Organized brainstorming, proving once again that the sum is greater than the individual parts. How can this help? Well, it’s hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it. But let me say that (in my own case) it gave birth to a whole new business.

I was a long time PR person whose core clients (billiards, hot tubs and other home improvement products) had seen a dramatic decline during the recent “Great Recession”. Hot tub sales alone fell by over 70%. So, one by one, my clients were either going out of business or cutting back dramatically on their overall marketing services (including me). I entered the group to find a way to revitalize my business. Instead, the group opened my eyes to a whole new business opportunity.

As I recanted my problems to the group and discussed how foolishly I’d put all my “eggs in one basket” (by narrowly focusing on just one niche), how “fat and happy” and complacent I’d become in the process and how I’d generally stopped learning, growing and aggressively marketing my services to others, it became clear that I needed a new fire or passion to prod me in a new direction and a distinctive service to offer. Then, after casually mentioning that PR companies were being asked (more and more) to take on the role and responsibilities of “social media strategist” for their clients (since ad agencies-used to making ads–and marketing people-used to collecting and analyzing data–neither knew how nor wanted to explore this new aspect of marketing), the group started prodding me to explore this subject and educate myself on this opportunity. That led to long discussions about “what is social media”, “how is it different than traditional advertising, PR and marketing” and what is its fundamental purpose?

That, in turn, led me to some remarkble insights such as “social media isn’t an ad on the Internet”. People don’t just read your blog or “tweets” and buy. Instead, its something we’ve never seen before. The purpose (and promise) of social media is that it allows you to start a conversation with anyone you want to meet, from which you can learn, explain, explore and otherwise engage them in a meaningful dialog in which (hopefully) both sides receive some benefit. That means you can’t just “ask for the order” anymore. You have to be willing to offer some ideas and information for free, upfront, before you start the sales process. Information that your audience (hopefully) will find so interesting and informative that they pass it onto others in their network and community (creating “brand advocates” or “viral marketing” for your goods or services in the process). Then you have to respond to their questions and comments and keep them coming back for more. In other words, you have to have something interesting to say and then keep saying it regularly and often.

That’s why most social media programs fail. Most companies aren’t prepared to become their own media production companies. They run of out meaningful things to say and they don’t regularly keep at it, primarly because it takes time and discipline and it may not show immediate ROI. And quite often, no one in the company is prepared to take on the additional role of “social media spokesman”, which is why it defaults to the traditional PR people (who are used to regularly speaking for their clients).

And that’s when it occurred to me. This is what I should be doing, particularly since I originally started off in radio broadcasting and communication right after college (as a traditional DJ on WMYK, “K94″, in Norfolk,Virginia). Then came the even bigger insight that “I think I know a simpler and more powerful way to do this!” For if the purpose of social media is simply to start a conversation with someone you want to meet, then what could be easier than simply calling them up, interviewing them over the phone and then streaming that conversation live to the world? You could even record, archive and store it on some server, making it available 24/7 as a download for others to listen to and enjoy later as a “podcast” on ITunes and elsewhere.

Wouldn’t that be much easier to produce than trying to research and write a new blog or mini-article each week? And (ultimately) wouldn’t it be much easier for your audience on the Internet to consume (given the fact that most people would rather watch or listen to something on the Internet than read it?) And wouldn’t these weekly live conversations be more interesting and stimulating than just talking to yourself ? (a problem that plagues most other social mediums like blogs, tweets and traditional podcasts) And wouldn’t a live, weekly broadcast, at a regular time and place, be more likely to engage your audience, particularly if they could call-in their questions (just like any traditional talk show) or log-on, in real time, and tweet their comments ? And wouldn’t your guests immediately tell all their friends, customers and clients to listen? And wouldn’t they put a link to that recorded interview up on their site after the fact (which would help drive traffic and links to your site, thereby raising your search engine rankings and giving you a free ad on their website forever?) The answer to all this was “yes”.

Thus was born a new “social medium” and the business to go with it: OC TALK RADIO, Orange County’s only community radio station giving local businesses a voice on the Internet. For more information, check us out at

Internet Radio: Coming to a Cell Phone Near You

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Guess who just filed a patent to provide Internet Radio by satellite to all their cell phone subscribers? Verizon. Realizing that their cell phone bandwidths are not capable of handling all the extended traffic from the growing flood of Ipads and other tablets nor the growing popularity of Internet Radio, Verizon’s patent application suggests that they may switch some of this traffic to satellites. That’s right…just like Sirius/XM.

Your Verizon phone would come pre-loaded with some application that would automatically play this Internet Based radio signal directly from some satellite flying overhead.  Sound fantastic?  There’s some speculation that AT&T may also acquire Dish Networks for the same reason.

It’s coming!  Internet Radio is the next big wave…

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.  Courtesy of Seeking Alpha (and found by GROOFER).

CES 2011 Yields Plenty of Net Radio Goodies

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Courtesy of RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter)

The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing today, sending out a deluge of gadget news from Las Vegas. The big trend so far is mobile: mobile tablet computers, powerful new mobile phones and mobile Web access in new locations like car dashboards.

In fact, Troy Wolverton of the Mercury News argues CES 2011 “could be seen as the official beginning of the transition to a new computing era, one dominated by mobile devices, Internet-connected televisions and car information consoles” (more here). Here’s a round-up of some of the news coming from CES 2011:


Pure, the maker of Wi-Fi tabletop Net radios, has launched a new cloud-based music service. Dubbed FlowSongs, the service will let users buy music directly from their Pure devices. Users can “Like” a song while listening to Internet radio, then buy that song from FlowSongs — all right on their Wi-Fi radio. Pure also unveiled some new docks for iPod and iPhone devices. Engadget has more coverage here.


Electronics-maker Dual has debuted a new range of car stereo receivers. Each of the 5 models includes some way to easily hook up an iPod or smartphone. Some even include Bluetooth connectivity, allowing drivers to control select Internet radio apps from the Dual receiver. has more here.


Verizon and OnStar hooked up at CES to show off the possibilities of a 4G router inside a Buick LaCrosse. The big emphasis is on data-heavy services like video streaming, but in-car Net radio seems like the biggest benefit to us. Engadget has more here.


French mobile company Parrot unveiled their Asteroid car stereo receiver which runs on Android, is compatible with iPhones and will connect to the Internet through a connected smartphone. The Asteroid can run Net radio apps on-board (thanks to its Android guts), or simply play the audio from a smartphone Net radio app via its Bluetooth or USB connections. Find more coverage here and here.


iHome’s new docks/clock radios for Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads include compatibility for Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio app. Users will be able to set iHeartRadio stations as alarms in the morning.

BMW Adds Web Radio

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For the first time following the introduction of MINI Connected, the BMW Group is now also offering selected iPhone applications in a BMW for integrated use in the vehicle. This new capability – so far unmatched by any other carmaker – further enhances the already extensive BMW ConnectedDrive package of features and sees BMW once again underline its leading role in the field of in-car integration technology. Designed to improve the integration of the Apple iPhone in the vehicle, this option will be available from spring 2011 in conjunction with the launch of the new BMW 1 Series Coupe and new BMW 1 Series Convertible. This interface for the first time allows features such as Facebook, web radio and Twitter to be shown on the vehicle display and accessed using the iDrive Controller.

Let’s hope they allow Apple apps from Radio Time or Reciva (two of the services that list OC Talk Radio among their choices!)

OC Talk Radio Host Quoted in AMEX Open Forum

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Ric Franzi, co-host of CRITICAL MASS every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-5pm PST here on, was recently quoted in an American Express Open Forum article called ” CEO Peer Groups: Finding Your Match.”

As a longtime professional facilitator for several monthly peer groups for business owners and executives here in Orange County, Ric was a natural inclusion in any such story. Having written the definitive guide on the subject called “Critical Mass: The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups” (now in its third printing on, Ric knows first hand the incredible effect these sessions can have on “making better, more informed decisions”.

But there are several steps which must be taken to insure that you get the most out of your peer group experience.  The most important factor (as the AMEX Open Forum article points out) is knowing who’ s in the group.

“You want to be in a group with leaders who run companies of a similar size or at the same stage of development. Insights and advice are more meaningful when they come from people running companies with the same span of control,” says Ric Franzi, who runs Critical Mass for Business here in Orange County, California, along with his partner Doug Gfeller, Past President of the International Coach Federation-OC and one of the few Master Certified Business Coaches in the country. Together, they act as the local franchise for the international Renaissance Executive Forums system. 

For more information on this transformative new process, check out or become part of their free CRITICAL MASS COMMUNITY by tuning into every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-5pm PST.  


OC Talk Radio Host Interviewed in

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Janeane Bernstein, who hosts MOMZ ROCK THE HOUSE every Wednesday from noon-1pm PST here on OC Talk, was recently interviewed by Kerry Hannon for her column regarding “second acts” and “mid life career changes” titled (appropriately enough) “SecondVerse”. 

After graduating from Syracuse University, where she studied TV, Radio and Film at the Newhouse School of Communications, Janeane began her career working for a consulting firm designing workshops in the training and development field for banking clients like Chase Manhattan (now JPMorgan Chase).

When she lost her job in a downsizing move, she supported herself with top-paying freelance assignments, but knew she wanted to do something different. It wasn’t, however, until she went to a Syracuse alumni luncheon, where she met an older woman, an actress, that her new path began to take shape. She told Bernstein about radio and voiceover work  and gave her the name of her teacher to contact.

And so it began. Bernstein took voiceover classes at night and loved it. When a training workshop video she was handling for Hewlett-Packard needed a narrator, she stepped up. Soon after, she left the corporate world and now she hosts her own show  here on

To read the full interview, CLICK HERE.  Or hear it for yourself at the official MOMZ ROCK THE HOUSE archives.  Just one of our “all star lineup” of live shows on Orange County’s only community radio station,