Internet Radio: Coming to a Cell Phone Near You


Guess who just filed a patent to provide Internet Radio by satellite to all their cell phone subscribers? Verizon. Realizing that their cell phone bandwidths are not capable of handling all the extended traffic from the growing flood of Ipads and other tablets nor the growing popularity of Internet Radio, Verizon’s patent application suggests that they may switch some of this traffic to satellites. That’s right…just like Sirius/XM.

Your Verizon phone would come pre-loaded with some application that would automatically play this Internet Based radio signal directly from some satellite flying overhead.  Sound fantastic?  There’s some speculation that AT&T may also acquire Dish Networks for the same reason.

It’s coming!  Internet Radio is the next big wave…

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.  Courtesy of Seeking Alpha (and found by GROOFER).


2 Responses to “Internet Radio: Coming to a Cell Phone Near You”

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