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Free Wheelchair Mission

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If you’re looking to give a “feel good” present for the holidays, consider making a donation to Free Wheel Chair Mission in someone’s name. For just $72, some needy person will get a free wheelchair in some Third World country in your giftee’s name.

Your friend or family member will get a card telling them what you donated in their name and then get to pick out the country this free wheelchair will go to (out of 82 choices). If they send in their email, they’ll even get a picture of the recipient sitting in your mutual gift! Wow…who could do better for just $72?

For more info, check out or listen to the interview we just did with them on OC Talk Radio’s “Critical Mass: Non Profit Show” by visiting our storage site at


Think of Internet Talk Radio as Another Social Medium

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As a community radio station, our mandate is to “stimulate conversations” and give local businesses and community groups “a voice on the Internet.”

As such, we’re always looking for “learning moments” where everyone can learn from the ideas and experiences of others.  Here’s one of those “learning moments” from our show CRITICAL MASS FOR BUSINESS (which airs live on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-5pm PST).

OC Talk Radio Host Quoted in AMEX Open Forum

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Ric Franzi, co-host of CRITICAL MASS every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-5pm PST here on, was recently quoted in an American Express Open Forum article called ” CEO Peer Groups: Finding Your Match.”

As a longtime professional facilitator for several monthly peer groups for business owners and executives here in Orange County, Ric was a natural inclusion in any such story. Having written the definitive guide on the subject called “Critical Mass: The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups” (now in its third printing on, Ric knows first hand the incredible effect these sessions can have on “making better, more informed decisions”.

But there are several steps which must be taken to insure that you get the most out of your peer group experience.  The most important factor (as the AMEX Open Forum article points out) is knowing who’ s in the group.

“You want to be in a group with leaders who run companies of a similar size or at the same stage of development. Insights and advice are more meaningful when they come from people running companies with the same span of control,” says Ric Franzi, who runs Critical Mass for Business here in Orange County, California, along with his partner Doug Gfeller, Past President of the International Coach Federation-OC and one of the few Master Certified Business Coaches in the country. Together, they act as the local franchise for the international Renaissance Executive Forums system. 

For more information on this transformative new process, check out or become part of their free CRITICAL MASS COMMUNITY by tuning into every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-5pm PST.  



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Author Jay Slosar discusses his book “The Culture of Excess” on CRITICAL MASS: THE RADIO SHOW only on

Hear How CPAs Can Help in Your Strategic Planning

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Doug Gfeller from CRITICAL MASS FOR BUSINESS will interview Vic Hausmaninger on the role of a CPAs in helping business owners with strategic decisions (particularly at this time of the year.) Today from 4-5pm PST.

Intellicon and UV Radiation

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Hear Gary Halmbacher from Intellicon discuss the wide range of applications using UV radiation and how his company controls those devices. 4-5pm PST TODAY On “Critical Mass for Business”. Only on

What Is Executive Coaching?

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Learn all about the new field of Executive Coaching from Doug Gfeller, Past President of the International Coach Federation-OC and current partner in Critical Mass for Business.  Only on The West Coast Marketing Hour, Tuesday from 1p-2p PST.