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Think of Internet Talk Radio as Another Social Medium

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As a community radio station, our mandate is to “stimulate conversations” and give local businesses and community groups “a voice on the Internet.”

As such, we’re always looking for “learning moments” where everyone can learn from the ideas and experiences of others.  Here’s one of those “learning moments” from our show CRITICAL MASS FOR BUSINESS (which airs live on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-5pm PST).


Internet Radio: Coming to a Cell Phone Near You

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Guess who just filed a patent to provide Internet Radio by satellite to all their cell phone subscribers? Verizon. Realizing that their cell phone bandwidths are not capable of handling all the extended traffic from the growing flood of Ipads and other tablets nor the growing popularity of Internet Radio, Verizon’s patent application suggests that they may switch some of this traffic to satellites. That’s right…just like Sirius/XM.

Your Verizon phone would come pre-loaded with some application that would automatically play this Internet Based radio signal directly from some satellite flying overhead.  Sound fantastic?  There’s some speculation that AT&T may also acquire Dish Networks for the same reason.

It’s coming!  Internet Radio is the next big wave…

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.  Courtesy of Seeking Alpha (and found by GROOFER).

OC Talk Radio Host Interviewed in

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Janeane Bernstein, who hosts MOMZ ROCK THE HOUSE every Wednesday from noon-1pm PST here on OC Talk, was recently interviewed by Kerry Hannon for her column regarding “second acts” and “mid life career changes” titled (appropriately enough) “SecondVerse”. 

After graduating from Syracuse University, where she studied TV, Radio and Film at the Newhouse School of Communications, Janeane began her career working for a consulting firm designing workshops in the training and development field for banking clients like Chase Manhattan (now JPMorgan Chase).

When she lost her job in a downsizing move, she supported herself with top-paying freelance assignments, but knew she wanted to do something different. It wasn’t, however, until she went to a Syracuse alumni luncheon, where she met an older woman, an actress, that her new path began to take shape. She told Bernstein about radio and voiceover work  and gave her the name of her teacher to contact.

And so it began. Bernstein took voiceover classes at night and loved it. When a training workshop video she was handling for Hewlett-Packard needed a narrator, she stepped up. Soon after, she left the corporate world and now she hosts her own show  here on

To read the full interview, CLICK HERE.  Or hear it for yourself at the official MOMZ ROCK THE HOUSE archives.  Just one of our “all star lineup” of live shows on Orange County’s only community radio station,