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Wow!  For over a year, we’ve been asking public policy officials here in Orange County “Is It a A Law”, finding the craziest ordinances we can to try and stump them.  And in all that time, only ONE guest (Councilman Mike Posey of Huntington Beach) ever answer all five questions correctly.  Now, for the 2nd week in a row, we’ve had another guest go 5-0 (Kellee Fritzel, also from the City of Huntington Beach). Hmmm. Must be something in the water!  See how you fare with this week’s IS IT A LAW segment from our weekly, public policy show THE CITY SQUARE (hosted by the Association of California Cities-OC and Rutan and Tucker Law Firm that sponsors this segment of the show).

What is the Fed’s NATURAL RATE?

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So, all things being equal, what is the Federal Reserve’s “natural rate”? The ideal rate that creates the so-called “three bears economy”…not too hot, not too cold.  Used to be around 5%, but many seem to think it’s more around 2-3% today. Why does this matter?  Because it tells a lot whether the Fed wants to raise rates or lower them (long term) and where we might be headed with our home and consumer loans in the near term.  Our hosts Hamid and Fay Hamadanchy then dive into some more “macro economic trends” that factor into those Fed decisions (mainly  the jobs report and “consumer demand”) and how perplexed they are that job growth has been slowly but steadily growing since “The Great Recession” (except for THIS week’s poor performance) while consumer demand remains stubbornly weak. What’s going on? Find out in this week’s fascinating look at housing prices and loan rates as they try and peer into the Fed’s crystal ball and see where we headed this year.  Only on Orange County’s only community radio station,

Does the Fed NEED to raise rates?

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Does the Federal Reserve actually WANT to raise rates regardless of whether they NEED to right now? Is it more than just holding off inflation?  Or do they see some larger crisis looming over the horizon which they feel REQUIRES them to raise rates (regardless of its short term effects on the election or the economy) so they can cut them back again in response to some unforeseen stock market correction, China meltdown or Eurozone explosion? That’s the question our hosts Hamid and Fay Hamadanchy debate today (along with yours truly, the “everyman” on the show).  For if (as some speculate) there is surely a stock market correction coming or some Euro/China storm just over the horizon, then what could the Fed do if rates are already at or near zero?  Go into negative territory as some banks in Europe have already done? And how would banks continue to make money if interest rates were BELOW zero? It’s a fascinating look at “macro-economics” today on OC HOUSING as we argue over not just IF or WHEN the Feds will raise rates but do they feel COMPELLED to do so (regardless of the short term effect on the economy or election) to give them ammunition for some future economic crisis?  You’ll want to hear this one!

The Economic Effects of our Election

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Don’t miss this wide ranging discussion about the possible economic impacts of our upcoming national election. How will the stock markets react (or will they?)  What could massive deportation or immigration bans mean for our economy?  And why isn’t Wall Street more nervous about the political revolt happening on Main Street America?

Our host, Hamid Hamadanchy touches on all those topics, along with several more like potential “negative interest rates”.  What are they?  How do they work?  And will this uniquely European phenomenon ever find its way to our shore?  Or what about the steady influx of influential Chinese investments here in Orange County and the continual flood of Chinese money coming into our county.  How it helps prop up an already overheated housing market, with Chinese buyers buying anything and everything in sight for all cash.  And how long will it continue?
You won’t want to miss this wide ranging view of the some macro economic trends and their impact on our own long term housing market.  Only on Orange County’s only community radio station,

IS IT A LAW from today’s CITY SQUARE show

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Big shout out to our two contestants on this week’s IS IT A LAW SEGMENT of our weekly public policy show THE CITY SQUARE, Michael Lyster (Chief Communications Officer for the City of Anaheim) and Diana Coronado from the ACC-OC (who puts on this show each week) as they both went 4-1 in today’s contest, each getting tripped up by only one of our ridiculous laws.  See how you fare with questions like “can you shoot a squirrel in court in Canton, Mississippi” or “pick your teeth in public in Rhode Island”?  Courtesy of our sponsor Rutan and Tucker (the OC’s largest public policy law firm) and Orange County’s only community radio station,

Is It A Law? Taken from today’s CITY SQUARE

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Ok, all you smart cookies.  Can u legally tie a giraffe to a telephone poll in Atlanta, Georgia? Or pawn your wooden leg in Delaware?  Don’t be stumped.  Get a leg up on all your friends by listening to this week’s segment of IS IT A LAW on our weekly public policy show, THE CITY SQUARE, brought to you by the Association of California Cities-OC and their sponsor Rutan and Tucker, Orange County’s largest law firm, on Orange County’s only community radio station,

The MUMMIES are here at Bowers Museum

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If you think you’ve heard strange noises in your neighborhood, know that the Mummies are here at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.  With over 1.4 million visitors experiencing Mummies of the World to date, the display at Bowers Museum will be the first time the exhibit has been to Orange County. As the largest exhibition of real mummies and related artifacts ever assembled, the exhibit provides a window into the lives of ancient people from every region of the world including Europe, South America and Ancient Egypt, Check out this week’s OC SPOTLIGHT as we talk with one of the exhibit’s “mummy specialists”, James Schanandore (who teaches at the University of Wisconisn-La Crosse) about what makes this exhibit so interesting and unique. And watch this space closely as we give away some VIP tix to this exhibit in the coming month!