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5-Minute Break: Formula for Change

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You want to change.  Tried with the status quo.  But what resistance do you need to overcome to achieve that change?

5-Minute Break: Persistence

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Take a short break from your day  – how persistent are you in your marketing activities?

How EOS Has Changed the Law Firm

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In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist talked with Michael Morse, the owner and founder of the largest law firm in Michigan. Michael started his law firm over 25 years ago, and he ran the law firm with no business background whatsoever. After 15 years in the practice, Michael realized he needed help, and his firm became the first law firm to adopt the EOS model. The firm now thrives and even mentors other firms through their Fireproof program which is adapted for law firms. Throughout the episode, Will and Michael discussed how EOS has changed the firm and its employees for the better and how other law firms can do the same.


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(0:55) Introductions

(4:00) How EOS Has Changed the Law Firm

(8:31) For Implementers: Getting the Attention of Senior Law Firms

(11:22) What Would a Law Firm Principal Need to Hear?

(14:30) Making the World a Better Place

(16:02) How EOS Can Change You Personally

(19:12) Delegate and Elevate

(37:17) Working Remotely

(44:55) Get in Touch with Michael



Will Crist

Michael Morse


Fireproof Performance



“I mean every business concept that I now know pretty darn well now, after all this time, I learned from him and EOS…it transformed me in a very short period of time to a very robust law firm with good business practices, good core values, good everything… I couldn’t have done it without everything that I’ve learned throughout this process.” Michael Morse, (5:56)


”…We’ve worked with over 30 law firms individually…and their eyes are huge when they learn some of these concepts that they should be doing to run a really good law firm, because the traditional way to look at this is: law firms are not businesses, they are law firms…so it is fertile ground for implementers to go out there…and teach them. And that’s what we’re trying to do is spread the gospel and teach them how to run a really good business.” Michael Morse, (10:43)


”I think most law firm owners are doing too much. They’re hitting the ceiling. They’re not working in their sweet spots. They’re not enjoying life…They don’t know how to delegate. They don’t know their numbers…you can ask a few questions and prove that they’re hitting the ceiling…[I ask], what if I could teach you a way that you could work on all day everyday things that you’re great at doing and that you love to do? Would you like to hear more about that? Who’s going to say no to that?” Michael Morse, (11:41)


”I think that learning the things that we’ve learned and making a difference in our law firm is definitely spreading and making the world a better place.” Michael Morse, (15:51)

”If you do embrace this…as a business lifestyle, it really does work. It’s not pie in the sky. It’s take some time. It’s not overnight. You don’t read the book and wake up and you’re living these five things. Absolutely not. It’s taken me 15 years…but it definitely works.” Michael Morse, (33:36)

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Grow Your Audience and Sell Books with Kim Walsh Phillips

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Kim Walsh Phillips is the founder of Powerful Professionals, a business coaching and education company. She was recently named #475 in the Inc 5000 and is a multi-seven-figure business entrepreneur with no business degree and a tendency to say “crazy pants” more than is socially acceptable. She is the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business and The No BS Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing. (Fun fact: she uses a thesaurus when she writes or she would use the word “awesome,” “cool,” or “very” 7,452,675 more times than she already does.)  She’s an in-demand speaker, having shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Kevin O’Leary and Gary Vaynerchuk.

5-Minute Break: Relevancy

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Take a short break from your day. How relevant is your brand messaging to your customers? 

5-Minute Break: Research

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Take a short break from your day! Let’s talk about the importance of research.

5-Minute Break: Brand

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Take a short break from your day to talk Brand

Teaching ”at risk kids” to build bikes

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What’s the old adage?  Give a kid a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. But teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.  Well the same thing holds true for riding bikes. Listen to this fascinating tale of two people in Georgia who built a non-profit (Bearing Bike Works) all geared around the simple idea of teaching “at risk” kids how to build and maintain their own bikes.  Earning a free bike for learning a new skill. And teaching them some valuable “life skills” along the way like persistence, patience and perseverance. And a new found belief in themselves.

Taking a risk on “at risk kids”. And setting them on a new path. That’s the story on this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.

5-Minute Break: Consistency

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Take a short break from your day to listen to how consistency is key in your marketing.

Integrators: An Integral Part of YOUR Leadership Team

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In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Jason Prentice and Jon Dornbos join Will Crist to discuss Jason’s business Outcomes COO. Jason founded Outcomes because he saw a need for integrators that could help visionaries reach their dreams. Now, the company utilizes fractional integrators to help entrepreneurs from across the country accomplish their lofty goals through the EOS Model. Throughout the episode, the trio discusses fractional integrators, how integrators help visionaries, the EOS Life, and much more!


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(0:27) Introducing Jason Prentice, Jon Dornbos, and Outcomes COO

(2:14) The Integrator and the Visionary

(6:30) Jon’s Background

(9:44) How Integrators Help Visionaries

(18:28) Fractional Integrators

(21:45) The EOS Draw

(25:31) EOS Successes 

(29:35) Integrators vs. Implementors

(32:05) The EOS Life

(39:22) Changing the World through EOS

(42:46) Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


Jon Dornbos

Jason Prentice

Outcomes COO   



I saw a real need for entrepreneurial visionaries to get expert help and experienced help at the integrator level.” Jason Prentice, (0:55)


The integrator is not somebody who’s supposed to be telling people what to do. This is not the expert in manufacturing or finance or in sales. The integrator is the one who helps those experts on the leadership team who have the responsibility for those various departments. But the integrator helps the whole team work together harmoniously to achieve the vision.” Will Crist, (2:31)


I’m a little non-traditional in that I’m not a big fan of telling visionaries ‘No.’ I know that that’s something that has to be done, and we can’t let our companies be chaos, but there’s a way to harness all that energy in a way that still keeps the energy going.” Jason Prentice, (13:35)

I really believe in the system, and it’s just fun to get better and better and better at it. Each experience, each organization, each relationship that gets developed along the way is meaningful and has purpose.” Jon Dornbos, (32:48)

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