Wow!  For over a year, we’ve been asking public policy officials here in Orange County “Is It a A Law”, finding the craziest ordinances we can to try and stump them.  And in all that time, only ONE guest (Councilman Mike Posey of Huntington Beach) ever answer all five questions correctly.  Now, for the 2nd week in a row, we’ve had another guest go 5-0 (Kellee Fritzel, also from the City of Huntington Beach). Hmmm. Must be something in the water!  See how you fare with this week’s IS IT A LAW segment from our weekly, public policy show THE CITY SQUARE (hosted by the Association of California Cities-OC and Rutan and Tucker Law Firm that sponsors this segment of the show).


One Response to “Is It a Law? fr/THE CITY SQUARE”

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