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The Economic Effects of our Election

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Don’t miss this wide ranging discussion about the possible economic impacts of our upcoming national election. How will the stock markets react (or will they?)  What could massive deportation or immigration bans mean for our economy?  And why isn’t Wall Street more nervous about the political revolt happening on Main Street America?

Our host, Hamid Hamadanchy touches on all those topics, along with several more like potential “negative interest rates”.  What are they?  How do they work?  And will this uniquely European phenomenon ever find its way to our shore?  Or what about the steady influx of influential Chinese investments here in Orange County and the continual flood of Chinese money coming into our county.  How it helps prop up an already overheated housing market, with Chinese buyers buying anything and everything in sight for all cash.  And how long will it continue?
You won’t want to miss this wide ranging view of the some macro economic trends and their impact on our own long term housing market.  Only on Orange County’s only community radio station,

Join Doug Duncan, Chief Economist for FANNIE MAE on OC HOUSING CONNECTION

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Tune in as Doug Duncan, the Chief Economist for FANNIE MAE joins hosts Hamid and Fay Hamadanchy on their weekly show OC HOUSING CONNECTION to share his insights on the economy and the state of housing across the country.