Ep. 39: Think You Need a Book Publicist? Marissa Eigenbrood of Smith Publicity and Vanessa Campos Talk Through It


Smith Publicity president, Marissa Eigenbrood joins the Pub Date podcast to talk about books, marketing, and author goals.

We’ve worked on several projects across a few publishers and indie clients and everyone has been delighted with the work that the team at Smith has done. But the ones that are most appreciative are the indie authors who understand that their book can bring credibility to their business. So if you’re an entrepreneur, be sure to tune in and take notes!


About Our Guest

Marissa Eigenbrood is President of Smith Publicity, working closely with all teams across the company. Throughout her career in public relations, she has worked with non-profits, Fortune 500 corporations, international brands, college/universities, tech start-ups and the publishing industry, including small to large-sized publishers, hybrid presses, debut authors and industry thought leaders. She brings extensive knowledge of the public relations realm, as well as an organized and dedicated focus, to all she does. Learn more about them at https://www.smithpublicity.com/


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