Ep. 38: How to Sell Your Books in Non-Bookstores (yeah, we’re talking airports!)


Where can you sell books? The answer is ANYWHERE! 

On this episode of Pub Date, we share non-traditional places where you can sell your book and how to get your book into those nontraditional retailers.

Knowing where to sell your book means that you have to really know your audience. Unpack how to know them better (market research, comps, etc.). Some non-book places you can sell books include:

  • Specialty stores related to your topic (REI, quilt stores, running stores, you name it)
  • Associations like the American Marketing Association, Vistage, and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)
  • Corporations (yes, they can and will hire you to speak to their employees! So don’t forget to build in a book sale in your fees)
  • Speaking events, festivals, conferences, workshops (TedTalks, SXSW, and even regional conferences for those associations you’re already a member of)
  • And everyone’s favorite AIRPORTS! 

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