Mailbag Episode: How to Boost Your Book’s Online Presence

In this episode of the Pub Date podcast, book broads Jen Dorsey and Vanessa Campos dive into crucial topics such as cover design, book landing pages, competitive titles, and Amazon ads.

We emphasize the importance of an eye-catching back cover, as it helps draw in potential readers. We also discuss creating a web page or landing page for your book to enhance discoverability, along with claiming your Amazon Author page and signing up for an Amazon Ads account. Our conversation highlights the need for meticulous preparation, research, and planning to increase awareness of your book among the right readers. 

  • Enhance your book’s discoverability through crafting an enticing back cover design and copy.

  • Boost your online presence by building a keyword-rich, book-specific website or landing page.

  • Leverage the power of Amazon Author pages and Amazon Ads to increase your book’s visibility.

  • Stay ahead of the competition by studying the unique selling points in your genre.


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