Ep. 45: Maximizing Your Book’s Potential with Foreign Rights


We have always been firm believers in diversifying your content and creating as many revenue streams as you can with your book. In this episode, your hosts Dr. Jen Dorsey and Vanessa Campos dive in to the world of subsidiary rights — also known as getting your book translated and sold in other countries. Some key things to keep in mind as you listen to us geek out about the London Book Fair, foreign rights, subsidiary rights, and expanding your reach are:

  • Should you hire a foreign rights or subsidiary rights agent to represent your book?
  • What to consider when negotiate the terms of the foreign rights agreement?
  • How long can a publisher license your book?

Don’t overlook the importance of foreign rights sales, as they can bring in additional income and increase your book’s global reach. If you have more questions about this topic you can always reach out to the book broads via email: info@broadbookgroup.com or follow us on social media:


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