Ep. 41: Is Your Book Cover Making the Cut?


Are book covers important when it comes to online sales? Is it possible to stand out among thousands of other books with just a cover?

On this episode of the Pub Date podcast, hosts Vanessa Campos and Dr. Jen Dorsey are joined by producer Paul Roberts to discuss their recent award-winning book cover and the importance of book covers in the realm of online sales.

This year the Broad Book Group team won the bronze design award from PubWest for Street Pricing: A Pricing Playlist for Hip Leaders in B2B SaaS by Marcos Rivera, founder of Pricing I/O. The book cover is the perfect example of how books can bring together complex pricing strategies for B2B businesses and the author’s appreciation of hip hop culture to help the work stand out from the competition.

Learn from our hosts Vanessa, Jen and Paul as they delve into the power of book covers and how they can help authors and publishers stand out from the crowd.


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