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Every journey begins with the first step, join Leilani Quiray on her year long business and personal journey

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Leilani Quiray, CEO of be the change HR joins me once again on the Business Growth Cafe to bring her year-long journey as she traveled the US while growing her business, and personally as well.  As a regular guest on the show, Leilani shares life and business lessons that everyone can benefit from.

Feel Good for The Holidays

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One more repeat this week as we look back at one of the best “feel good” shows of this season. As we chat with “Dr.Feel Good” herself. As this physician talks about her amazing journey from not being able to walk or even ride in a car (after a serious car accident) to now riding everywhere on her Pedego Electric Bike.  And becoming an advocate for the power of Ebikes to transform your life. And get you going again. On one of our best shows from 2021.

The 2021 Book List from the Book Broads

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In need of gift ideas for those hard-to-buy people in your life? Listen to this episode of the Pub Date podcast for our 2021 book list. 

We cover it all! Self-help, amazing women, secret Greek societies, queer voices, murder, alcohol, and nuns. Listen to the episode or start shopping the list here:

And no, it’s never too late to buy that special someone a book they’ll love. Pfft! Gift them a digital edition and deliver it asap. #lifehack #bookbroads #holidaygiftideas #2021bestbooks


Year in Review

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What a ride!  Since starting this podcast six months ago,  we’ve heard some amazing stories about the ongoing eBike Revolution from the entrepreneurs driving this movement to the “love stories” of all those riding along.

Join our producer Carly San Filippo as we look back at all people we’ve met along the way and the life changing stories they’ve shared with us about getting out and active again on an electric bike. From socialization and “group rides”(in this era of isolation and shutdowns and “go it alone”) to weight loss and simply “feeling better”.  To feeling like a kid again (as actor William Shatner said) and shouting “weee” when you jump on a bike and hit that throttle. It’s all here.

Plus the steady stream of “second act career stories” we’ve heard as well. On how high powered achievers from airline pilots and bank executives to former pro golfers and bond traders have made the move from “Wall Street to Main Street” to open their own Pedego Electric bike stores (and why). 

As we look back at this last year’s wild ride and  all we have yet to discover going forward.  Here on the Pedego Podcast.

What annual event happens on Halloween!

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Sunday, October 31, 2021 marked the 24th annual “L.A. Cancer Challenge.” Due to the pandemic, last years event was virtual but this year the Hirshberg Foundation was excited to be back in person and on UCLA’s Campus at Wilson Plaza. The 5K walk/run is always held on Halloween weekend, a fun festive event that leads up to November – Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

Dr Zhaoping Li, served as Honorary Medical Chair.  Esther Lee, a one year+ Survivor was the Honorary Starter.

Congratulations! LA Cancer Challenge surpassed their goal of $500K by raising almost $530K!





Negotiating change

Posted in electric bikes on December 13, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Sometimes the hardest person to convince is yourself.  Learn how professional negotiator Perry Hubert convinced himself it was time for a change as he entered semi-retirement.  And started riding his way to health and happiness, logging in nearly 30,000 miles in just 30 months on his new Pedego Electric Bike. And losing 90 pounds along the way.  Riding from his base in Colorado thru all sorts of weather including heat, heavy rain and some “polar bear rides” (as he called them).  All that and more on this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST and our ongoing “ebike adventures”. 

How Story Selling Can Grow Your Business with Paul Roberts

Posted in book publishing, Business on December 8, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

In spite of the increasingly fast-paced nature of today’s media, the art of long-form storytelling still thrives in the form of books, movies, TV and, more recently, podcasts. On this episode of the Pub Date podcast we have Paul Roberts join us and shares how STORYSELLING can make or break a book, podcast, interview, and even speaking career.


About our guest:

Paul Roberts, founder and station manager of OC Talk Radio, has been in the business of storytelling for decades. Lately, he spends his days amplifying the voices of the Orange County business ecosystem by helping his clients stream and record their live podcast shows in his studio at the Cove @ UCI, the headquarters of UCI Beall Applied Innovation.

Learn more about Paul and his work by visiting or on the following social media:





Pub Date Podcast | How to Go from Academic to Mainstream Writing with Dr. Kelly J. Baker

Posted in book publishing, Business on December 7, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

This week on the Pub Date podcast, Jen Dorsey and Vanessa Campos talk with Dr. Kelly J. Baker, editor of Women in Higher Education, a feminist newsletter with the continued goal “to enlighten, encourage, empower and enrage women on campus” as well as The National Teaching and Learning Forum. She was the managing editor of Disability Acts, an all volunteer magazine for disability essays, screeds, and manifestos by disabled people for all people.
She is also a writer with a religious studies Ph.D. who covers religion, higher education, gender, labor, motherhood, and popular culture. As an essayist, historian, and journalist Dr. Baker shares how she made the move from academic to author and what it means to pivot to a different kind of writing that still honors your research life and what it’s like to market a book both in and out of the academic life.
Learn more about Dr. Kelly J. Baker by visiting or following her on Twitter @kelly_j_baker


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This week we’re happy to showcase another passionate Pedego owner.  An appeals attorney named Duane Daiker out of Tampa, Florida who found his ebike so appealing that he started his own podcast to chronicle his own journeys and experiences called ELECTRIC BIKE RADIO. 

Taking us thru his own evolution from regular bike rider to ebike enthusiast, as he found a way to get his wife back on the road after she suffered a serious heart attack at 50.  Giving her the confidence and capability to ride again. And opening up a whole new world of adventure (for both of them) like their recent trip through the National Parks of Utah. Going farther than they once thought possible. And telling the world all about it. On ELECTRIC BIKE RADIO and this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.

Building a strategic relationship between Sales and Marketing with guest Rich Cocuzzo

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Sales and Marketing are your growth engines for your business.  That’s why it’s important that the relationship between sales & marketing are in alignment to drive business growth and profitability. 

Today my guest, Rich Cocuzzo, President of Sales Velocity Advisors, and I discuss the relationship between sales and marketing, as well as our own challenges in growing our individual businesses.


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