Year in Review

What a ride!  Since starting this podcast six months ago,  we’ve heard some amazing stories about the ongoing eBike Revolution from the entrepreneurs driving this movement to the “love stories” of all those riding along.

Join our producer Carly San Filippo as we look back at all people we’ve met along the way and the life changing stories they’ve shared with us about getting out and active again on an electric bike. From socialization and “group rides”(in this era of isolation and shutdowns and “go it alone”) to weight loss and simply “feeling better”.  To feeling like a kid again (as actor William Shatner said) and shouting “weee” when you jump on a bike and hit that throttle. It’s all here.

Plus the steady stream of “second act career stories” we’ve heard as well. On how high powered achievers from airline pilots and bank executives to former pro golfers and bond traders have made the move from “Wall Street to Main Street” to open their own Pedego Electric bike stores (and why). 

As we look back at this last year’s wild ride and  all we have yet to discover going forward.  Here on the Pedego Podcast.


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