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Pub Date Podcast | How to Go from Academic to Mainstream Writing with Dr. Kelly J. Baker

Posted in book publishing, Business on December 7, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

This week on the Pub Date podcast, Jen Dorsey and Vanessa Campos talk with Dr. Kelly J. Baker, editor of Women in Higher Education, a feminist newsletter with the continued goal “to enlighten, encourage, empower and enrage women on campus” as well as The National Teaching and Learning Forum. She was the managing editor of Disability Acts, an all volunteer magazine for disability essays, screeds, and manifestos by disabled people for all people.
She is also a writer with a religious studies Ph.D. who covers religion, higher education, gender, labor, motherhood, and popular culture. As an essayist, historian, and journalist Dr. Baker shares how she made the move from academic to author and what it means to pivot to a different kind of writing that still honors your research life and what it’s like to market a book both in and out of the academic life.
Learn more about Dr. Kelly J. Baker by visiting or following her on Twitter @kelly_j_baker