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What is the best business advice you’ve ever given or received? 15 of my guests share their stories.

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Over the year’s we’ve all received some great advice.  Maybe from your parents, friends or business associates.  Some of that advice stayed with us and helped shape who we are today.  This weeks’ episode includes my interviews with 15 guests over the past few months and their answers to the questions, “what is the best business advice you’ve ever received and/or given if different?”  25 minutes of great insights in one show!

Steps to developing your social media strategy

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Chase Geiser Digital Ad Man, of Cube, LLC. joined me at the Cafe this week to explore approaches to developing a social media strategy and campaign, as well as the tactics for different markets and audience segments.

Drowning in Financial Data? Join the discussion to turn it into relevant and actionable information.

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From Accountant to a controller to president to consultant and business owner, join me, Angelo Ponzi your host and fractional CMO and Ken LaCroix, CEO and Fractional CFO, of Insightful Partners for a discussion about the journey to launch your own business as a consultant and the role technology, plays in delivering actionable insights to business financials. Understanding your company’s financial data across departments to give you the relevant and actionable information you need to keep your business growing, achieving goals, and executing strategy.

Life Lessons and Unintended Business Advice From the #1 Plumber in the #2 Industry

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Have you ever thought and wondered how you became an entrepreneur? What drove you to start your first business? 

At the Business Growth Cafe this week, I dig into where I believe I got my start, motivation, drive to start my own businesses.

I’m calling this show, Life lessons from the #1 plumber, in the #2 business, lessons my father taught me that I never listened to, but found valuable later on in life. And, the simple lessons that translated into life-long values that continue to drive me today.

Driving fast and furious, without a steering wheel with car designer, Bryan Thompson

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What do Honda, Subaru, Volvo, Mack Trucks, Airstream, Zoox, Embraer Executive Jets, Eddie Bauer, Ford, Levis, Samsonite, SkyLabs, and Set Design Illustrations for multiple Katy Perry videos have in common?  Designs by Brian Thompson. A leader in recognizing new areas for product development, emerging trends in design and technology, Bryan has extensive experience developing and executing brand visions for companies that range from globally recognized household-name brands, to newly established brands.  Bryan Thompson joins me Angelo Ponzi at the Business Growth Café this week as we take a ride on the road to building a successful design business.