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Pedego‘s top La Quinta Dealer on his Driving Passion for Electric Bikes

Posted in electric bikes on September 20, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Join us as we talk with another Pro Golfer turned Electric Bike dealer as we chat with Bryan Newman about his rise up the leaderboard as one of Pedego’s top dealers here in La Quinta, CA and his enduring passion for both golf and eBikes on this week’s installment of the Pedego Podcast.

PEDEGO PODCAST-Actor William Shatner on his EBike Adventures

Posted in electric bikes on September 13, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Acting icon William Shatner has enjoyed quite a ride in his long career from starring on Star Trek to multiple other movies and series including TJ Hooker in the 80s to the comedy series Third Rock From the Sun in the 90s to the acclaimed Boston Legal (for which he won two Emmys in the early 2000s). He’s made a name for himself in the quirky world of “spoken records” and been the long running spokesperson for Now he’s become an outspoken advocate for eBikes as well. Ride along as he takes us on this journey and why his whole family now rides electric bikes with him (all fifteen of them). Even as he travelled on a river barge in Europe recently. It’s a “love story” like no other. From the Captain himself who’s now leading the charge in the EBike Revolution..

PEDEGO PODCAST-From the Air Force to the EBike Revolution

Posted in electric bikes on September 6, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Join us for another amazing journey here on the PEDEGO PODCAST as we talk with Aaron Maynard who bought a Pedego in London back in 2013 when he was a Colonel in the US Air Force on assignment at the US EMBASSY there.  Whole idea was to get to work faster thru the maze of London traffic (and maybe enjoy some exercise and fresh air along the way).  Which led instead to him exploring the alleys and “Penny Lanes” of this historic city.  And eventually to return to his roots in South Carolina (after he retired) to open a Pedego Electric Bike store in Myrtle Beach. Leaving the Air Force to lead a new type of charge…

PEDEGO PODCAST-Michael Murphy on his transformative eBike experience

Posted in electric bikes on August 30, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Join us as we talk with former banking executive Michael Murphy on how an eBike helped save his life (helping him shed nearly half his 300 pound weight). Which led him to postpone his retirement plans and open his own Pedego EBike store instead in Eugene, Oregon as an encore career. Helping others find their path to health and happiness (as he found his). 

The Journey from Pro Golfer to Pedego EBike Dealer

Posted in electric bikes on August 24, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Tune it and hear Pedego Dealer Jon Krick from Pedego McDowell Mountain talk about his path from pro golfer to eBike dealer. And how eBikes helped him get out in the world and get happy again after injuries cut short his career.

The Pedego Podcast-Cassidy Castleman on his eBike Business Adventure

Posted in electric bikes on August 16, 2021 by OC Talk Radio

Join us as we talk with Cassidy Castleman and his ongoing eBike journey. From helping his father open one of the first eBike dealerships in Sacramento to helping others do the same at Pedego Electric Bikes.  Fulfilling his goal to “change the world” as he once dreamed of in college (when his mission was to “join the Peace Corps”). Or later when he sold early solar systems.  Now changing the world, one revolution at a time…