How Remote Working Led to Remote Riding

When Paul Rieger originally bought his Pedego Electric Bike, it was all about commuting to work.  But when his company shuttered their office and shifted to remote working, he never envisioned this would lead him to “remote riding” as well.  

As Paul says with a smirk, “once my company closed down the office and I started working out of my upstairs home office. I found that the Boomerang didn’t handle stairs so well. So I stopped using it for commuting and began exploring the 50+ miles of dedicated, paved bike trails that crisscrossed my hometown of Folsom, CA.”

Including the 32 mile Jedediah Smith Bike Trail (named after that famed mountain man and discoverer) that runs along the American River down to Sacramento’s Discovery Park.  A trail which he now regularly patrols 6-8 hours/week as an official member of the American River Bike Patrol.

So by working from home, Paul Rieger found the time to slow down and discover a whole new world around him.  A world this “boy on his bike” began exploring like the pioneers of old, who first travelled these trails in search of gold and a place they could call home.  Bringing that journey full circle, as a new breed of ebike enthusiasts and adventurers ride the trail again from their home offices in search of newfound riches, on this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.


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