Reporting on the EBike Revolution

We’re not the only ones covering this story!  Meet Dave Hogan a former journalist and current blogger who writes about e-bikes in his blog THIS EBIKE LIFE. Authoring a book on the subject as well entitled E-BIKES: Putting the FUN Back Into Cycling (and Life) at Any Age (which includes profiles on Pedego Co-founder and CEO Don DiCostanzo and on two devoted Pedego customers, Dr. Miryam Liberman and Laura Maydahl who we’ve both had the privilege of interviewing).

Like many Baby Boomers, Dave grew up riding a bike as a child. His bike was his freedom. He rode it to school, parks, and pretty much anywhere he wanted to go. When he got married 46 years ago, he and his wife Kathy gave each other matching bicycles as wedding gifts. 

Now he’s migrated to a Pedego Electric bike.  And with that move, found a whole new interest and angle to write about. Sharing the same stories we’re all hearing from the trail of people getting back on a bike (often after years away from riding). Chronicling the same EBike Revolution we talk about here on the Pedego Podcast.



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