Walking the Walk


If you really believe in the idea of “sustainable living”, then it’s not enough to just “talk the talk”. You’ve got to “walk the walk” as well. Or in our guest’s case “change your daily ride” from a gas guzzling, soccer mom’s van into an earth friendly eBike.  For all her commutes (even with kids!) 

That’s the story of Deborah LaSalle from Boise, Idaho who co-founded Warm Springs Consulting, a “sustainability consulting firm” whose mission is to help organizations (including big mining companies) “be more efficient and trade-out carbon emitting technologies for those that maintain profitability in a way that’s better for the planet”.

So how could this “eco-friendly soccer mom” drive a gas guzzling mini van?  For Deb, the quest was clear. And her solution was the Pedego Stretch, a cargo carrying model that allowed her to take all her kids and all their gear wherever needed. 

Deb lives six miles from her office and for all that travel back and forth to work plus her kids’ school and sports activities, she’s switched to an eBike.  Even using it for occasional travel downtown and to the airport as well. Estimating that she’s been able to switch over at least 50% of her normal travel to something that just feels better (and more fun!) for everyone involved.

Ride along as she tells us all about it.  On the week’s PEDEGO PODCAST. And how (at the end of the day) she truly believes she hasn’t sacrificed anything. But found far more than she expected on this electric bike path that feels a bit more genuine and a whole lot better for her, her family and the world they live in.



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