The Data is In: Pedego Electric Bikes ARE Fun

So how does a lifelong data scientist and former Dean with a Doctorate in Educational Equity decide to join the EBike Revolution?  By taking a cruise and discovering in port (quite by accident) how much fun riding one can be.  “My husband was always a hard core biker,” explains Dr. Tina Moses, “but because of a disability with my leg, I could never ride along.” That is until her husband booked an ebike adventure at the end of their cruise and she discovered (for the first time in her life) that she COULD ride a bike.  And all the fun she’d been missing.

That started a quest to learn more about the whole EBike Revolution. And the more she learned, the more she decided this was the course for her. Not just for fun, but for a new “second act career”.  So she left academia and opened an Electric Bike store back in Colorado. And not just one but two, with stores in both Golden and Boulder, CO. 

The data was clear, the fun was obvious and it all added up to a new career path for this career academic. Shifting gears and going a different direction. On this week’s edition of the Pedego Podcast.

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