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OUR COMMUNITY: Meet Carol Robles, 2019 Estrella Award as Ambassador of the Year

Posted in Business, hispanic on August 31, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Meet Carol Robles, Payroll HR consultant at Paychex and 2019 Estrella Award Winner as Ambassador of the Year for the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. And hear the story of humble beginnings. And how she keeps smiling and committed to helping others on her journey.

Outward Bound-Riding the Trails with Pedego Greenville

Posted in electric bikes on August 29, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Having worked for the famed outdoor adventure/personal development company OUTWARD BOUND for over a dozen years, Laurel Zimmerman had clearly adopted their whole credo “to stretch your comfort zone” and “accomplish things you never thought you could” thru challenging outdoor adventures. But she could never have imagined how far that approach would take her in life, growing from instructor to course director, to admissions, to finally managing the national admissions office for the entire country, based out of an office in Asheville, NC. Or that it would eventually entice her to leave the company she so loved to challenge herself even further by opening an electric bike store in her adopted home of Greenville, South Carolina.

But that’s exactly the leap she made in the middle of COVID, going from passionate ebiker to ebike entrepreneur.  Bringing her life partner, Ashby Knox along for the ride. “When I originally went to him with what seemed like a wild idea, I was really just looking for someone to bounce it off a bit” says Laurel. “But when I laid it all out to him, he jumped at the idea as well.” 

Having already changed his life and jumped from a career in construction to a polar opposite in nursing, Ashby was no stranger to change.  For him, it just seemed like another way to help people (without the burnout and stress he’d been experiencing in health care). So they found a place in an old cotton warehouse in the quaintest part of historic Greenville (right near the Rails to Trails Swamp Rabbit Trail) and set out blazing new trails for themselves and their customers.

It’s a romantic story about a couple of life partners who also work as real life partners in this real life adventure. Helping people achieve more than they can ever imagine. Right in the heart of Dixie. On this week’s Pedego Podcast. Powered by Pedego Electric Bikes.

What is the ViewRay MRIadian and how is it used for pancreatic cancer patients?

Posted in charities, non-profits on August 29, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Dr Kim joined us to talk about the use of the ViewRay MRIdian for treatment of pancreatic cancer at Hoag Hospital.  Dr Kim explains that the tumor needs to be hit with high energy x-ray beams.  To be able to hit the tumor you need to be able to see the tumor.  Its that simple. 

This is the only machine that uses MRI imaging to visualize the tumor. Tumors move with each breath and this machine allows the tracking of the tumor in real time allowing them to be precise in delivering treatment.

This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to the donors of the View Ray MRIdian Dean and Gerda Koontz

#DeanandGerdaKoontz #PancreaticCancer #Hoag Health

See the ViewRay MRIdian



The Importance of Proper Employee Compensation

Posted in Business on August 26, 2022 by OC Talk Radio




On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist talked with Alex Freytag, an expert EOS Implementor. Alex is also the author of Profit Works, a book that unravels the complexity of incentive plans in order to increase employee productivity, cultivate an engaged workforce, and maximize company potential. Throughout the episode, Will and Alex discuss his EOS journey and the importance of properly compensating employees. 



(1:13) Introduction to Alex

(1:43) Alex’s EOS Journey

(7:40) The Benefit of Employee Compensation

(10:48) How Pressure Impacts Performance

(13:19) Human Reactions to Being Rewarded

(18:19) We First vs. Me First

(21:18) Identifying Effective Incentives

(25:48) Incentive Plans with Company-wide Input

(30:53) About Profit Works

(32:49) Utilizing People as Assets

(34:09) Purpose of Profit Works

(38:27) Quality Relationships in the Workplace

(42:52) Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


Alex Freytag



“Well and that really is what we as EOS implementers aim at isn’t it, it’s to really help businesses thrive.” – Will Crist, (5:54)


“So if we talk about employee retention and you talk about attraction and best places to work, the companies that are able to balance those rewards, their workforce is the one that tends to be the most successful from a profitability standpoint and from a growth standpoint.” – Alex Freytag, (8:32)


“The amount of pressure in an organization is directly correlated to performance, and so companies that don’t apply any pressure in the organization, no standards of performance, no expectation, no core values, no measurables, no scorecards, no 10-year target, and so forth, tend to have lower levels of performance than the companies that turn that dial up on those expectations…” – Alex Freytag, (11:47)


“…pick a minimum threshold of profit that the company has to reach before the incentive plan kicks in and then arm your workforce with tools and training and resources to actively find the money to incremental profit dollars over that threshold.” – Alex Freytag, (24:26)

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Riding Around The World

Posted in electric bikes on August 22, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Hear the conclusion of Richard Davis’ years long, 24,000 mile ride.  Which started when Richard realized he’d turned over the odometer on his 2018 Pedego Electric Bike for the second time.  Meaning he’d already ridden about 12,000 miles (or roughly half way around the world). 

So being an engineer, he started tracking his mileage on a daily basis and turning that data into a spread sheet that plotted out exactly where he’d be if he really WERE riding all the way around the world.  Plotting his path “back home”. Learning about the exotic points on the map  and places he crossed in his mind. And turning his daily exercise into an around the world adventure.  A “fantasy ride” across the planet. All from the comfort of his home in Panama City, Florida.

Truly a flight of fancy. An armchair traveler’s dream. And an amazing story filled with lots of imagination, drive and determination, on this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.

Riding the West (before the rest)-Pedego Glendale-Peoria and Goodyear

Posted in electric bikes on August 15, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Meet two early pioneers of the EBike Revolution, Sherry and Steve Pike, former sales execs for McKesson (one of the largest Medical Supply Companies in the world).  Who after 25 years rising up the corporate ladder had hit a wall and burned out of their corporate careers. Which began their search for something new. A small business to buy that they could call their own.  “So we went to a business broker,” says Steve, “who presented us with everything from pizza shops to tire recycling stores, none of which lit the passion or fire we were hoping to find.” 

“So I told Steve to go back to his passion,” adds Sherry, “which for both of us had always been biking. And start searching there”.  And lo and behold, they found Pedego Electric Bikes (long before most people).  Opening their Glendale/Peoria store in the outskirts of Phoenix in 2017.  And becoming (in the process) one of the first eBike stores in the area.

Cut to the chase, and they’re now onto their second store in Goodyear, AZ as they continue to “go west” and travel even further on their adventure. Blazing a trail that so many other entrepreneurs and escapees from corporate America have since followed from Wall Street to Main Street and the frontiers of this new eBike Revolution.  On this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.


Posted in electric bikes on August 8, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Hear the amazing story of two high school sweethearts, Patrick and Wendy Reilly who not only seemed destined to be together, but somehow destined to be in business together as well.

Though you wouldn’t have thought so if you watched the first 30 years of their life unfold as they got married in 1992 and started raising a family. As Wendy began work as a Behavioral Therapist and got her Masters in Special Ed. While her husband Patrick started down a long path as an engineer for Comcast.

But all that changed in 2017 during a family trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. When Patrick (who’d developed a bad back from too many injuries on his job) stumbled into a Pedego EBike store and discovered that (for the first time) he could join Wendy on her long hikes with their boys.

Enthralled with the fun they had that day, they went back home and began imagining “what if WE opened a store back in New Jersey”?  Going so far as to actually contact Pedego and explore the idea. But careers and kids kept getting in the way. 

Then COVID came and changed everything. Stuck at home in 2020, they drove to the Pedego store in Spring Lake, NJ and bought two bikes to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary  And then destiny stepped in and altered the course of their lives (or maybe corrected the course to where they were always meant to be). 

Because shortly after buying the bikes, Patrick had a question and decided to call the local store, but instead dialed the Pedego corporate HQ in CA by mistake.  Even more miraculously, they remembered him and said “hey, if you’re still interested in opening a store, we’re looking for someone in Haddenfield” (where they lived)”.

And thus began this new leg of their journey together that finds them not with just one store but two (with a second location in  Princeton, NJ as well).  Where they are working with that famed University to possibly purchase a whole pack of Pedegos for faculty and staff to pedal around campus. With all three of their sons now working with them as well.

Whatever you call this strange twist of fate, it sure seems like something that was somehow meant to be. As the family that first rode together is now blazing a new trail together. As accidental Electric Bike Entrepreneurs driving the EBike Revolution. On this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST. 

Ep. 33 | Indie vs. Small Press Publishing

Posted in book publishing, Business on August 5, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

On this episode of the Pub Date podcast we talk about the difference between indie and small press publishing. The wonderful thing about becoming a published author is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to going from idea to final book. If you’re thinking about becoming an author, make sure you do your homework and that the math makes sense. At the end of the day, your book is another product that you deliver to your audience.

Have an idea and want to see if it’s a book? Download our checklist here:

Appraisals in Today’s Residential Real Estate Market with Jacki Moya

Posted in Uncategorized on August 4, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Ever wonder what goes into a real estate appraisal? 

The practice often seems shrouded in mystery, so host Wendy Ross invited Jacki Moya to educate listeners. She has more than 30 years of experience in real estate — seven years in sales and 23 years appraising over a storied career.

In this episode, you’ll learn what an appraiser does and what to expect when working with one. Plus, Jacki offers important tips for buyers, sellers and investors.


A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Reporter with Jonathan Lansner

Posted in Uncategorized on August 4, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

How does one of the nation’s most trusted business reporters cover the real estate market?

To find out, Wendy Ross asked Jonathan Lansner of the Orange County Register to share his expertise in regional economics and real estate markets. He is a past national president of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing and a 1979 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. 

Jonathan has been reporting on Orange County business, and specifically real estate markets, since the late ‘80s — timing that corresponds with the local economy’s explosive growth. In this interview, Wendy and Jonathan swap stories about California’s wild real estate market and debate the use of data in reporting and decision-making. 

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