Riding Around The World


Hear the conclusion of Richard Davis’ years long, 24,000 mile ride.  Which started when Richard realized he’d turned over the odometer on his 2018 Pedego Electric Bike for the second time.  Meaning he’d already ridden about 12,000 miles (or roughly half way around the world). 

So being an engineer, he started tracking his mileage on a daily basis and turning that data into a spread sheet that plotted out exactly where he’d be if he really WERE riding all the way around the world.  Plotting his path “back home”. Learning about the exotic points on the map  and places he crossed in his mind. And turning his daily exercise into an around the world adventure.  A “fantasy ride” across the planet. All from the comfort of his home in Panama City, Florida.

Truly a flight of fancy. An armchair traveler’s dream. And an amazing story filled with lots of imagination, drive and determination, on this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.

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