Outward Bound-Riding the Trails with Pedego Greenville


Having worked for the famed outdoor adventure/personal development company OUTWARD BOUND for over a dozen years, Laurel Zimmerman had clearly adopted their whole credo “to stretch your comfort zone” and “accomplish things you never thought you could” thru challenging outdoor adventures. But she could never have imagined how far that approach would take her in life, growing from instructor to course director, to admissions, to finally managing the national admissions office for the entire country, based out of an office in Asheville, NC. Or that it would eventually entice her to leave the company she so loved to challenge herself even further by opening an electric bike store in her adopted home of Greenville, South Carolina.

But that’s exactly the leap she made in the middle of COVID, going from passionate ebiker to ebike entrepreneur.  Bringing her life partner, Ashby Knox along for the ride. “When I originally went to him with what seemed like a wild idea, I was really just looking for someone to bounce it off a bit” says Laurel. “But when I laid it all out to him, he jumped at the idea as well.” 

Having already changed his life and jumped from a career in construction to a polar opposite in nursing, Ashby was no stranger to change.  For him, it just seemed like another way to help people (without the burnout and stress he’d been experiencing in health care). So they found a place in an old cotton warehouse in the quaintest part of historic Greenville (right near the Rails to Trails Swamp Rabbit Trail) and set out blazing new trails for themselves and their customers.

It’s a romantic story about a couple of life partners who also work as real life partners in this real life adventure. Helping people achieve more than they can ever imagine. Right in the heart of Dixie. On this week’s Pedego Podcast. Powered by Pedego Electric Bikes.


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