What is the ViewRay MRIadian and how is it used for pancreatic cancer patients?


Dr Kim joined us to talk about the use of the ViewRay MRIdian for treatment of pancreatic cancer at Hoag Hospital.  Dr Kim explains that the tumor needs to be hit with high energy x-ray beams.  To be able to hit the tumor you need to be able to see the tumor.  Its that simple. 

This is the only machine that uses MRI imaging to visualize the tumor. Tumors move with each breath and this machine allows the tracking of the tumor in real time allowing them to be precise in delivering treatment.

This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to the donors of the View Ray MRIdian Dean and Gerda Koontz

#DeanandGerdaKoontz #PancreaticCancer #Hoag Health

See the ViewRay MRIdian https://youtu.be/RRx8kd0vaXw



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