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The More the Merrier

Posted in electric bikes on May 23, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

It’s hard to eat just one potato chip. And for some entrepreneurs, it’s equally hard to run just one Pedego Electric Bike store.  Once the first one is up and running, there’s a drive for more.

That’s certainly the case with this week’s guest, Zach Selby, who opened his first shop almost on a whim.  Having taken over the family business of machining aircraft parts and moved it to Utah, he still longed for something a bit more fun and people oriented. So he found a small retail location and rented it without even being sure what he’d do there. Until eBikes appeared on his radar.  “I got to the machine shop at 4am and found I couldn’t wait to get to the bike shop” explains Zach. “So I just kept going and growing both.” Recently opening his 5th Pedego store in Utah. 

“They’re just so darn fun,” smiles Zach. Particularly the way he does them, with a full blown bar attached to his latest store in South Jordan called The Recharge Pub and Grub.  Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?