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How to Shorten the Sales Cycle

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Shortening a company’s sales cycle has an outsized impact on the business. It reduces a competitors market share, increases cash flow, reduces sales territory turn-over, and reinforces sales forecast accuracy,  but how to do it consistently is always the conundrum. Our host today on SLMA Radio is Dan Perry of the Brevet Group and his guest is a founding partner of the Brevet Group Brian Williams.  

They discuss:

  • Why the sales cycle is lengthening and not getting shorter.
  • The problems of the modern sales representative
  • Why best performers aren’t always aware of what they do and why they do it!
  • The definition of an adaptive sales process

ABOUT Brian Williams

Brian’s favorite saying is: “Successful execution is all that matters.”  Williams has 25 years’ experience integrating the worlds of strategy, marketing and sales to help companies improve their customer-facing capabilities. His projects have focused on new tools, processes, and other enablers that connect big idea strategy to sales force implementation. Brian’s obsessed with not only getting the “what” right, but also the “how” – the change and people-related aspects so critical to driving sustained business improvement.

Past Experience

  • Mercer – Partner
  • University of Georgia (Terry College of Business) – Consultant and Professor
  • BearingPoint Consulting – Senior Manager
  • Arthur Anderson – Senior Manager/Director
  • University of Georgia, PhD in Business Administration


About Dan Perry the Host

Dan approaches helping companies grow revenue from a unique perspective – he’s done it. He’s walked a mile in your shoes and knows the pitfalls, short-cuts, and tried and true strategies to make it work. As a sales leader at some of the best run sales organizations he bridged the gap between strategy and execution to transform the selling effort and to increase productivity.

He uses this proven methodology now at the Brevet Group to combine strategic consulting, custom training and modern reinforcement to get results. His work results in quicker adoption and enablement of the new programs and processes in the sales team driving improved sales rep and manager productivity.


  • Sales Benchmark Index – Principal
  • 3 Day Blinds – Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations
  • Lavi Industries – Vice President of Sales
  • Aramark Uniform Services – Senior Vice President Sales
  • Corporate Express – Vice President of Mid-Market Sales
  • Aramark Uniform Services – Vice President of Sales Western Region
  • Cintas – National Account Manager,  Director of Sales of Training and Development

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Three Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make and How to fix Them – McClelland

Posted in SLMA with tags on April 25, 2018 by OC Talk Radio

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20180424-tweet-mcclelland.jpgWhen revenue slumps everyone looks to the salespeople as not having performed, and yet the reasons are often deeper and have more to do with how the salespeople are managed.  In this episode we interview Bernadette McClelland, CEO of Three Red Folders.  Of the hundreds of clients she has had for her sales performance and sales leadership consultancy, we asked her to discuss the most common mistakes sales managers make.  The host is Jim Obemayer.

 About our Guest

Bernadette McClelland is CEO of 3 Red Folders, a boutique sales performance and sales leadership practice headquartered in Melbourne Australia. She is also the founder of The Hive – a platform for trailblazing women who want to do B2B sales differently. Bernadette has been a Sales Coach for Harvard MBA Students and having held senior business development roles in Corporate Australia, owned a 7 figure family business, been the APAC business coach for Anthony Robbins, authored five books on selling and personal leadership,  has clients across 14 countries and 4 continents, she is clearly a respected industry resource who loves to make a difference in the business world.

 About Three Red Folders

We work with mid-sized business who aren’t making their numbers and don’t know why or who want to differentiate themselves but don’t quite know how. Finding and keeping the clients they REALLY want is what it’s all about! If you want to become a respected industry resource – we will bring SCIENCE BACKED, EVIDENCE BASED sales approaches that will ensure your people consistently embrace, engage and execute!


Is Pipeline Ownership in Question? Hear from Jen Spencer

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Some say it is starting to get confusing as marketing assumes an ever increasing responsibility for parts of the sales pipeline; sales it seems is relinquishing areas it wants help with or doesn’t want to deal with. In this episode with Jen Spencer, Vice President of Smartbug Media, we try to understand the changing nature of these two departments serves the prospect that holds the purse strings. The host is Jim Obermayer.

About the Guest: Jen Spencer

Jen Spencer is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media, an intelligent inbound marketing agency of experts in digital strategy, design, PR and marketing automation. Over her career, Jen has built several demand generation and sales enablement programs from the ground up and has experience working within tech startups, publicly traded companies, mid-market organizations, and the not-for-profit space. Jen subscribes to the notion that “we’re all in this together,” and great communication leads to great partnership. She loves animals, technology, the arts, and really good Scotch.  Spencer has been nominated as one of the 20 Women to Watch in Business in 2018 by the Sales Lead Management Association.

About Smartbug Media

SmartBug Media is an intelligent inbound marketing agency that assists businesses in generating leads; increasing awareness; and building brand loyalty through inbound marketing, digital strategy, design, marketing automation, and PR. For 10 years, SmartBug has been helping businesses increase sales leads, close more customers, and enhance the reach of their brands. One of a handful of HubSpot Diamond partners in the world, and the highest-rated agency in the history of the HubSpot ecosystem, SmartBug Media also boasts the highest ROI documented from any HubSpot partner: 3,558 percent and 14,500 percent ROI on a six-month and three-year campaign, respectively. 

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Does Marketing or Sales Own the Sales Pipeline?

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With the advent of more sophisticated CRM systems, marketing automation software, some AI applications and years of frustration on the part of Marketing, the uncomfortable question is now being posed: Does marketing own the sales funnel, aka the sales pipeline?

To answer this question, we have gone to Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners.  The answer to this question will guide both marketing and sales to better understand their role in pipeline management.

About Christopher Ryan

Chris Ryan has 25 years of marketing, technology, and senior management experience, and is a widely known expert in B2B marketing, lead-to-revenue modeling, sales strategy, and business startups. As both a services provider and in-house marketing executive, Chris has written four books on marketing and information technology, including the recently published Winning B2B Marketing.

About Fusion Marketing Partners

Fusion Marketing Partners (FMP) is a B2B marketing agency that specializes in helping companies create powerful lead-to-revenue machines to turn around their stalled or underperforming marketing and sales operations and build value in their business. FMP’s strategic expertise and vigorous execution of proven tactics has quickly driven measurable improvements in awareness, leads and revenue for B2B clients across the U.S. and internationally. The company was founded by principals with deep experience in B2B marketing, sales, business development, web marketing, and public relations — from successful startups to Silicon Valley giants. To find out more, visit