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Oprah Calls OC Talk Radio

Posted in Media Coverage with tags , , , , , , , , on October 25, 2010 by OC Talk Radio


Wow! It isn’t every week that producers from Oprah‘s nationally syndicated show call us for information on one of our feature stories. But that’s what they did two weeks ago. We were “sworn to secrecy” until today (when the show airs here in OC at 3pm on KABC, Channel 7).

It’s all about the Coble’s in Ladera Ranch, that couple who lost their three children in a horrific car crash three years ago in our community. After the crash, they thought long and hard about having another child, but felt the “calling” and ended up being blessed with triplets one year later. The show is about that amazing miracle as well as their ongoing legal battles with the trucker who hit them (they won that first round) and CAL TRANS (which, according to their records, knew about the potential danger of this exit where they were hit but did nothing to fix it until after the tragedy). They LOST that round in court and actually ended up having to pay nearly $300,000 in penalties to CalTrans for even bringing this suit to bear!  But they are currently appealing that judgement, they say, on behalf of the community and all who might suffer from similar oversights or mistakes in the future.

You can hear it all today at 3p on KABC, Channel 7 or check out

We were contacted because of the interview we had run on this same subject weeks ago on OPEN MIC w/Jim Schmitt,editor and publisher of the Ladera Times (who was one of the few media outlets keeping this story alive). OPRAH even licensed our episode for use on THEIR website!

So to all our hosts, keep those shows coming and keep them timely and topical.  You never know if some other national outlet like OPRAH may pick up on your story too!