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Putting the Social Back in Social Media

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Found a fascinating article by Paul Gillin in this month’s isssue of BtoB Magazine which really puts the whole “social media” problem in perspective. Too many people still see all “social mediums” (like our Internet Talk Radio shows) as a giant billboard on the Internet Super Highway which will drive sales instead of seeing social media for what it truly is: the most powerful form of customer communication ever invented. It fits into the BEGINNING of the sales cycle as a “conversation starter” and not at the end as a “closer”. And that’s the confusion. Here’s the article for you to consider:

“I recently surveyed 55 marketers, including many at b-to-b companies, about their satisfaction with social media tools. While the results aren’t statistically valid, they yield some interesting insight on how the media landscape has changed.

Respondents said that in 2006 their companies were using an average of less than one social media platform each. By last year, the average had swelled to more than eight. Equally interesting were the satisfaction ratings. Just two of the 55 respondents said they perceived the ROI on their social media investments to be negative, while 46 rated it somewhat or very positive.

There’s both good and bad news in these trends. Businesses have clearly turned the corner in their adoption of social platforms, but the rush to join the party indicates that they may be reverting to the mass-market mentality that social marketing explicitly rejects.

The mindset of mass has been ingrained in the marketing conscience for a century. In a world in which the only efficient way to relay a message to a small number of people who cared was to bother a large number of others who didn’t, big media was the only game in town.

Online media have flipped this equation. Success is now defined by the ability to establish meaningful conversations about very specific topics. Quality displaces quantity, and relationships replace messages.

A lot of marketers are having a hard time grasping this because they spent so many years doing the opposite. They see new channels as a way to build another mass audience for the same old messages. They wear their Twitter follower count as a badge of honor. They miss the point.

Social media are called social for a reason. They are a means to create relationships between individuals. Human resources professionals at Sodexo Worldwide have learned this. The big food service and facilities management company has all but discarded job boards in favor of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a variety of conversational tools. The reason: They found that initiating conversations with applicants before moving them into the recruitment funnel improved both recruiter efficiency and candidate enthusiasm. Along the way, the volume of applications jumped 25% in two years, while recruitment ad spending dropped $300,000.

The new challenge for b-to-b marketers will be to exploit the potential of social media to create connections between all their employees and all their constituents. This will present enormous governance issues as we begin to “media-train” entire companies instead of just a few individuals. That’s a topic for future columns. For now, the challenge is to discard the old economics of mass and embrace the value of one-to-one.”

Courtesy of BtoBOnline.

TIME Recognizes “Fast Growing World of Internet Radio”

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In their special investigation into “post industrial Detroit”, TIME magazine wrote about “a fairly new group of young Detroit women who are looking to leave the freshest broadcast imprint” in “the fast-growing world of Internet radio” (their words, not mine!) 

The show is called ALL GIRL TALK RADIO and features lively discussions with four “Detroit-raised businesswomen, wives and moms” who have (according to TIME) “steadily gathered steam in recent months as their hot topics and smart, sassy on-air personalities have reeled in thousands of listeners a week, some as nearby as W. 7 Mile Road and some as far away as the United Kingdom”.

I mention it here for two reasons:

1.  I’m an ex-Detroiter who always likes to hear ANY good news from back home and

2.  As an even prouder INTERNET RADIO PIONEER who is thrilled to hear words like “the fast-growing world of Internet radio” and “the growing world of online radio” included in ANY mainstream magazine article.  Could they be catching on to the most powerful social medium ever imagined?

You can read more at TIME’s year long investigaton project called (what else?) THE DETROIT BLOG.

New Apple iPhone App Plays OC TALK RADIO

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As all our loyal listeners know by now, OC Talk Radio will play on any internet enabled smart phone.  But SPARK RADIO has taken that concept to a new level by creating the first iPhone app that allows you to keep surfing the web while listening to our “stimulating conversations” in the background thru the addition of a built-in web browser.
Using the station directory supplied by our partner RADIO TIME, listeners can instantly tune into OC TALK RADIO or 10,000 other top rated internet and terrestrial stations from around the world, with new stations being added daily.  The expectation is that there will be more than 30,000 available by April. This means users can listen to precisely what they want, when they want, whether it be music, talk radio, sports events, public radio or special programming from the ‘global community’ (including our exclusive content broadcast right here from Orange County, California).
An elegant interface and program guide make it easy for users to quickly find their favorite stations. Users can search for stations or programs by keyword, location or the station URL and can browse programming by genre or location. A GPS component even allows listeners to find local stations in any given city based on current GPS coordinates. “The Spark Radio app is a beautiful and fun radio application that opens the world’s selection of music and talk programming that only radio can provide,” said Bill Moore, CEO of RadioTime, Inc. “RadioTime makes it easy for Spark Radio users to find their favorite radio stations, like OC Talk Radio, and discover new ones from wherever they are.” And Spark Radio has a social component which allows listeners to create a profile and see what other people are listening to at any given moment by using an interactive Globe Navigator. Ratings of stations can be shared in the community along with any favorites. 
So if you want to instantly become part of a community of listeners tuned into a wide range of community stations from around the world, check out the new Apple iPhone app called SPARK RADIO.  It’s available for download through iTunes for $5.99.

Read more at the Handcast Media press release

How to Capture & Play Internet Radio Streams

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Vote for Internet Radio

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Radio Digital Sector Continues To Gain Importance

Posted in Internet Radio on February 23, 2010 by OC Talk Radio
Radio’s results for Q4 2009 confirmed the encouraging signs that emerged in the second and third quarters and continued to gain traction through the end of 2009. "The green shoots that we saw earlier have fully taken root," states Jeff Haley, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Radio Advertising Bureau. "In 2009, Radio went from -25% in May to flat in December – a tremendous lead-in to 2010."
"Key Radio categories such as Automotive, Grocery, and Financial Services all posted increases in Q4 spending, and Communications and Restaurants were at 90% and 95% of Q4 ’08 comps, respectively.  At the same time, advertisers’ increasing interest in Radio’s Digital capabilities generated the biggest gain of any quarter since we began breaking this segment out separately – up 15%. Combined, these factors brought Q4 revenue totals to 92% of same period last year."


Radio’s digital platform continues to provide listeners more choice – delivering additional sources of messaging opportunities for advertisers. Reflective of Radio’s online capabilities and offerings, the digital sector has maintained its upward trajectory throughout 2009

Marketers increasingly recognize Radio’s loyal audiences who tune in via multiple audio devices such iPods, HD, mobile apps, etc. Radio’s opt-in communities, ability to drive website traffic and branded online opportunities provide additional revenue builders for the industry.

New Apple IPad Promotes Internet Radio

Posted in Internet Radio on January 27, 2010 by OC Talk Radio
Amid all the specultion and excitiement about Apple’s new "IPAD", one fact caught our attention.  By tracking 200 apps being tested on 50 devices at Apple headquarters, Flurry Analytics has concluded that “there was a strong trend toward news, books and other kinds of daily media consumption, including streaming music and radio. (Thus) we speculate that the new Apple tablet will focus heavily on daily media consumption.”

That’s good news for us (and anyone else who thinks Internet Radio is the next "killer app" and Social Medium).

Tipping Point for Traditional Radio

Posted in Internet Radio on January 21, 2010 by OC Talk Radio

Traditional radio will be left out of Steve Jobs’ new mobile tablet device that he is expected to announce next Wednesday.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book of the same name defined the tipping points to be "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable".

My friends, we are about to witness history next week when Apple provides the electronics, the infrastructure and the consumer confidence (no small thing) to upend traditional media.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal alluded to Apples’s goals. No one will know until Apple CEO Steve Jobs comes down from on high to announce the next big thing, but speculation is running rampant. 

The table could allow for cable television subscriptions customized by the user and billed to the their Apple account.  Music may be streamed and safely tucked away on a "cloud" for instant access anywhere on any device — again, for a monthly fee.

Monthly  fees have failed miserably in the music sector but Apple could pull it off with a cool new device that allows consumers to read books, save the newspaper industry from itself, access school textbooks, read PDGs, go onlline, use apps from Apple’s app store, play video and movies at a whim, listen to Internet Radio and Pandora and on and on.

But what appear to be left out is old fashioned TRADITIONAL RADIO.

You see, the TIPPING POINT has already been reached in radio and the momentum cannot be stopped.  Consolidators and their followers have killed off local programming and local personalities.  They’ve done this with a smile on their faces (after all, remember a year ago when Clear Channel laid off almost 2,000 people and said that was going to fix the industry?).

Maybe it would be better to rename the TIPPING POINT the DIPPING POINT in the case of the radio industry.  Turns out less was NEVER more.  Any idiot knows that.

Even an alien from Mars would know that to dilute local radio for the economies of repeater radio, Imus in the Morning, syndication, voice tracking and other cheap programming is compromising the whole industry’s future.

And not, next week, radio will see just what bean counter planning earned it — a footnote at best on the most fabulous new consumer device and entertainment platform ever devised.

Radio is not necessary to people other than radio executives.

Yes I know, — 236 million people listen to radio every week according to Radar and big CHR stations still pull in millions of listeners (if you count People Meter metrics as listeners).

I would respond, if radio is strong at 236 million people, why was the industry declining even before the recession? I know from my work teaching the next generation — radio has by its own hand removed itself from the soundtrack of its listeners’ lives.

Radio studies layoffs and new ways to get health care companies to buy spots while consumers get their news and entertainment online and from mobile devices.  The Wall Street Journal article’s only mention of radio is INTERNET RADIO.

Here it is:

"People familiar with Apple’s plans say a central part of the new strategy is to populate as many Web sites as possible with "buy" buttons, integrating iTunes transactions into activities like listening to Internet Radio."

Yet the traditional radio industry is content to sit still and miss the NEXT WAVE aften having denied its way through the Internet Revolution for the past decade. Why do you think every major broadcast company budgets less than 3% at best for Internet,, Mobile and Digital Operations?  Isn’t that wrong?  The Internet will be the thing historians will look back on 50 years from today — not towers and transmitters.

The long awaited digital future is days away.  Let’s watch it develop together and find ways to become a part of it.

Reprinted from Jerry Del Colliano’s outstanding "insider blog" called INSIDE MUSIC MEDIA.

Internet Radio Keeps Growing!

Posted in Internet Radio on November 12, 2009 by OC Talk Radio
Despite all the economic uncertainty, internet radio continues to grow exponentially. When you factor in the amount of people who are now listening to internet radio on their cell phones and other devices , there really couldn’t be a better time to stake a place in this burgeoning market.
According to updated projections from SNL Kagan, radio online revenues are expected to grow by double digits in 2009 to $441 million by year-end, up 12% from $394 million annually in 2008.
An incredible 80 million Americans per month listen to Internet radio: Bridge Ratings & Research LLC.
20.61 million of them will use their mobile phone to listen to audio streaming in 2010: Bridge Ratings & Research LLC.
So in addition to being one of the most powerful Social Media Tools imaginable, Internet Radio is also becoming one of the biggest!