Radio Digital Sector Continues To Gain Importance

Radio’s results for Q4 2009 confirmed the encouraging signs that emerged in the second and third quarters and continued to gain traction through the end of 2009. "The green shoots that we saw earlier have fully taken root," states Jeff Haley, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Radio Advertising Bureau. "In 2009, Radio went from -25% in May to flat in December – a tremendous lead-in to 2010."
"Key Radio categories such as Automotive, Grocery, and Financial Services all posted increases in Q4 spending, and Communications and Restaurants were at 90% and 95% of Q4 ’08 comps, respectively.  At the same time, advertisers’ increasing interest in Radio’s Digital capabilities generated the biggest gain of any quarter since we began breaking this segment out separately – up 15%. Combined, these factors brought Q4 revenue totals to 92% of same period last year."


Radio’s digital platform continues to provide listeners more choice – delivering additional sources of messaging opportunities for advertisers. Reflective of Radio’s online capabilities and offerings, the digital sector has maintained its upward trajectory throughout 2009

Marketers increasingly recognize Radio’s loyal audiences who tune in via multiple audio devices such iPods, HD, mobile apps, etc. Radio’s opt-in communities, ability to drive website traffic and branded online opportunities provide additional revenue builders for the industry.


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