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Riding Along with Autism-Piedmont Pedego

Posted in electric bikes on September 12, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Today is the special story of Ryan Gustman, a gifted young photographer who traded in his car and shifted to riding an eBike full time instead.. Not in spite of his autism but precisely because of it. Taking him off the road and into the forgotten backroads of his beloved Winston-Salem area of North Carolina. Where he makes a living photographing old, abandoned buildings caught in that “liminal”, shifting space between what they once were and are quickly becoming. Once alive but now forgotten. With some being “born again into something new (like a revived retail or restaurant location). 

It’s all part of what he’s capturing and exploring on his Pedego City Commuter. As he moves beyond the boundaries of his own autism to becoming part of an even bigger narrative. “My eBike has given me the freedom to explore,” explains Ryan, “at a slower, more human pace my autistic brain can better absorb and handle”.  Both calming him and energizing him at the same time. Allowing him to grow and change and explore the world all around him. “In ways I could never have imagined”. smiles Ryan.

An imaginative tale of calm and change in this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST. As we continue to chronicle the eBike Revolution (and the love stories of those riding along).