Property Tax Pillow Talk with Wendy Ross

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Do you think saving money on property taxes is sexy? 

Wendy Ross does. 

In Orange County, Calif., we hear a lot about Mello Roos and the Mills Act, but both seem to be shrouded in mystery and even misinformation. Bottom line: Mello Roos costs homeowners money, and the Mills Act saves them money.

But Wendy doesn’t stop there. She also tackles Prop. 19 and breaks down ways eligible homeowners may transfer the taxable value of their home to a replacement property anywhere within California up to three times. 


A woman goes from Caregiver to Patient after losing her husband to pancreatic cancer

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Susie Lemieux was the Caregiver for her husband, Peter.  Peter survived 11 months before his death.  Six months after losing her husband, Susie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. People came to her and asked how did she get it, was it contagoius? Susie had nothing to compare it with and assumed in a year she would also be dead.  

Susie moved back to California with her daughter, Natascha.  Natascha became her Caregiver and was very supportive and involved in her healing journey.  Susie decided to take a little different route for her healing.  Susie shares her unique journey from Caregiver to Patient/Survivor and Natascha shares her journey as Caregiver for her mom.  Hear their inspirational journey.

“As long as you speak my name, I shall live forever.” This episode is dedicated to Susie’s husband, Peter Lemieux.

Christina Parrish diagnosed with pancreatic cancer starts a non profit foundation to help others with cancer

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Christina Parrish, is a 14 year “Sur-Thriver” of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  Christina describes herself as sur-thriver because she strives to thrive everyday.  “It’s important to realize that you are surviving everyday no matter the struggles.”  Christina is the Founder of The Purple Iris Foundation.  Their mission is to raise awareness, provide support, and give hope to indivduals and families affected by cancer, in Maine.  Christina was in great shape and exercised regularly. She will share her journey with us and how her workout on a Pilates ball sent her to the doctor.

If you or anyone you know is in Maine you can contact The Purple Iris Foundation 

“As long as you say my name, I shall live forever.” This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to Peggy Kessler.  Peggy was diagnosed in 2001 and died in 2018.  Chris and I had the honor of meeting Peggy.  Peggy was a great inspiration not only to us but those she came in contact with.


A Quick Start

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Hear how two friends who’d worked together in the home improvement industry (Scott Seneff and Travis Bryant) started imagining ways to improve their own lives by opening their own business. With lots of ideas bantered back and forth over a cigar and some whiskey. Until the happenstance sight of a Pedego Electric Bike store in Florida (while one of them was on vacation there) quickly set the gears in motion for this dynamic duo to open a similar store in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio this past April.  A fast start for this fast moving pair that quickly placed them as one of the the top ten Pedego dealers in the country (all before they’d even hired their first employee!)

Two more entrepreneurs who saw an opening and quickly shifted gears to pursue it. Suddenly finding themselves “off to the races” and riding at the front of the pack in today’s quickly evolving eBike Revolution. On this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.

Challenges That Law Firms Can Overcome with EOS

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On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist talked with John Nachezel, an integrator of EOS for Mike Morse Law Firm, who has almost 14 years of experience implementing EOS practices. John was brought into the Mike Morse Law Firm all those years ago to help instill structure and cohesiveness to lay the foundation for scalability. Throughout the episode, Will and John discuss how to help law firms become the best they can be, how to get those law firms partners, and how to help them get what they want from their law firm. 



(0:49) Introduction to John Nachezel

(3:07) Challenges That Law Firms Can Overcome

(4:25) Reconciling Ownership with the EOS System

(7:00) Logistics of the Mike Morse Law Firm

(10:43) An Integrators Approach vs. A Lawyers

(14:20) John Living the EOS Life

(20:44) Employees Living the EOS Life

(22:55) Advice for Law Firms Wondering about EOS

(24:14) Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


John Nachezel



“So, if you’re an owner, that’s fantastic and you can sit in the owner’s box and you can have your own meetings and talk about owner’s things, but make no mistake, when you are in the business and you are wearing that hat and sitting in that seat, that you’re not the owner, you’re an employee, and that is completely separate and distinct from the other.” – John Nachezel, (4:50)


“…the only way you will grow is chaotically and then you hit a ceiling. You’ll hit a cap, you’ll burn out…because the chaos can only take you so far. And it’s ‘I don’t have time to incorporate the principles that EOS teaches,’ but that’s the way you get time is by incorporating those principles.” – John Nachazel, (22:55)


“…it’s actually a very freeing thing. It’s not a stifling thing to have structure, and that structure and discipline is what allows you to unlock your creativity and allows you to be on offense delivering punches to the opposition…it frees you to be your best” – John Nachazel, (23:48)

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The Data is In: Pedego Electric Bikes ARE Fun

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So how does a lifelong data scientist and former Dean with a Doctorate in Educational Equity decide to join the EBike Revolution?  By taking a cruise and discovering in port (quite by accident) how much fun riding one can be.  “My husband was always a hard core biker,” explains Dr. Tina Moses, “but because of a disability with my leg, I could never ride along.” That is until her husband booked an ebike adventure at the end of their cruise and she discovered (for the first time in her life) that she COULD ride a bike.  And all the fun she’d been missing.

That started a quest to learn more about the whole EBike Revolution. And the more she learned, the more she decided this was the course for her. Not just for fun, but for a new “second act career”.  So she left academia and opened an Electric Bike store back in Colorado. And not just one but two, with stores in both Golden and Boulder, CO. 

The data was clear, the fun was obvious and it all added up to a new career path for this career academic. Shifting gears and going a different direction. On this week’s edition of the Pedego Podcast.

”They come not in single spies but they come in battalions.”

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A quote from Hamlet is how Kitty felt when getting her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  Kitty was going through a difficult time dealing with her father’s illness, a friend in the hospital, so much going on at one time.  It felt like the whole army was marching down on her.  How does someone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer feel like they are the luckist person in the world?  Kitty is very open in sharing her journey with us.  Kitty shares advice given to her husband from her Dr “Your wife is not a statistic, she is a person.”  As well as her own advice, “Dont’ lose hope, don’t lose hope, be here while you’re here.”

“As long as you speak my name, I shall live forever.” This episode is dedicated to Charlotte Rae, a great inspiration and the woman who introduced us.  We love you Charlotte!

Kitty Swink is an actress, activist, artistic director and a two time cancer survivor. She thought when at 39 she survived Breast Cancer she was done. Not so fast. 12 1/2 years ago at 49, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer, had a Whipple Procedure, chemo, radiation and more chemo and now at 62 she still shows no signs of disease. Grateful to be healthy and working at her craft she devotes a lot of time to helping others diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer move forward with their lives. It has blessed her with many great friends, not the least of which is her adopted mom, Charlotte Rae.
Her career began in commercials, regional theatre and off Broadway. She moved to California with husband of the year, every year, actor Armin Shimerman. She has appeared on dozens of television shows starting from It’s Garry Shandling’s Show and Designing Women, through Star Trek DS9 and Law and Order, on through The Fosters. She currently has two films on the Festival circuit, Penumbra and Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse. She is Associate Artistic Director of the award winning Antaeus Theatre Company. She has been nominated for Ovation, LA Drama Critic and Broadway World Awards and she has received an Independent Series Award, multiple Scenie Awards and an LA Drama Critics Award.  She is a former National VP of Screen Actors Guild.

Never Slowing Down

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Hear how a couple of active baby boomers have adapted to their age and found a way to keep pedaling and pushing themselves forward. As they continue to pursue “second act careers” in real estate and “developing influential leaders” (like themselves). And pursuing new paths that still lay before them.

So hear the story of how 60 something Brenda Hudson, (after stumbling into a Pedego Electric Bike store in Delaware across from where she was having lunch), finally found a way to keep up with her hard core, bike riding husband, Michael. Who suddenly (after her purchase) found himself in the uncomfortable position of trailing her!

Which led him to take the leap and join the eBike Revolution as well. For health and happiness (and to keep up with his wife!) Opening new trails and paths for this ever evolving power couple.  On this week’s ever growing, PEDEGO PODCAST.

Ep. 32: How to Find and Work with a Literary Agent with guest Wendy Keller

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On this episode of the Pub Date podcast the book broads are reunited with literary agent, book industry veteran, and all around book broad Wendy Keller. Listen in as we discuss the importance of having a solid platform, what authors should be doing before reaching out to an agent, and the things you should be mindful of as you grow your audience.

Wendy’s decades of experience has lead to her creating value beyond being an agent for her authors. She’s also the author of 30+ books including Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Platform Building, runs webinars to help you write a solid book proposal, and coaches authors to become well-paid speakers.

Learn more about Wendy and her team by visiting

Helping Every Employee Live the EOS Life with Eric Lindsley of Knight Watch

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In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist is joined by Eric Lindsley, CEO of Knight Watch, a business that helps make buildings more secure, comfortable, and energy efficient. Eric and Knight Watch have been an EOS company for quite some time now, and he is known to his friends as an EOS Purist because of his commitment to living the EOS Life. Throughout the episode, Will and Eric discuss Knight Watch’s EOS journey, why every employee needs to live the EOS Life, trusting your team to make the right decisions, and much more!


Thanks for tuning in!


Show Notes

(0:50) Introducing Eric Lindsley and Knight Watch

(2:59) Knight Watch’s EOS Journey

(9:22) Why Everyone in the Company Needs the EOS Life

(16:58) Does the Great Resignation Affect EOS Companies?

(22:44) Creating Consistency

(24:36) The Decision Card

(27:48) Trusting Your Team

(30:48) Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


Eric Lindsley

Knight Watch  



About a year and a half [into EOS], I was working about five days a week, maybe even four. But you know, a very easy to maintain schedule. The stress level in the company came way down. The happiness level was good—I look forward to going in, especially for my weekly EOS meeting…”  Eric Lindsley, (5:50)


This last quarter…[we did] more in book sales per quarter than we did the entire year of 2018.”  Eric Lindsley, (7:21)


It can’t just be myself or the leadership team, but throughout the company, there has to be space. And that’s the nice thing about EOS and the EOS Life is it gives you space.” Eric Lindsley, (11:42)


The nice thing that happens though, is when you lose people that don’t have your values, it opens up space for the right person to come in.” Eric Lindsley, (17:51)

The more I involve myself with things that are really not for me to be involved in, all I’m doing is communicating…[that] I don’t trust you to make that decision. If you have to get involved in every process, what you’re saying is, ‘I don’t trust you.’” Eric Lindsley, (28:53)

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