Will you know what to do when a loved ones dies?

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At the time of this episode, Courtney Sparkuhl was a licensed clinical social worker at UC Irvine Health. Courtney has sense left UC Irvine Health to start her own private practice, “Counseling for Cancer and Chronic Illness”

Is death the last taboo topic in America? It’s a difficult conversation but one we all should have.  This topic is not meant to take away hope or pose a negativity but to provide the resources when the time comes.  We talk about what we should do.  What to do first, telling friends and family and so much more. 

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“As long as you speak my name I shall live forever.”

This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to

Greg Willard


It’s Like Riding Around the World

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Ever wonder what it would be like to travel around the world?  Well this week’s guest, Richard Davis from Florida did just that when the engineer in him started calculating how far he’d actually ridden since buying his Pedego Electric Bike. Suddenly realizing that he’d racked up enough miles to have gone half way around the world.  Which led him to start keeping a daily log and figuring out where exactly that would put him on his imaginary journey back home. 

A goal requiring precise engineering and perseverance that has inspired him to get up each day and ride a little more until he’s finally pedaled enough miles to have travelled completely around the world (a little over 4000 km total). 

An amazing feat he estimates he’ll reach at his current pace by the end of this year (if his calculator is correct!)

A young woman experiences the role of Caregiver in two different ways.

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Stephannie helped take care of her grandmother, she wasn’t her Caregiver in the traditional sense.  When asked to describe her grandmother Stephannie lovingly replied “tomboy and lace.” Stephannie visited her grandmother everyday after she got home from work.  While others took care of her physical needs, Stephannie, which is just as important, took care of her emotional needs. Whether it was reading her stories, telling jokes, or modeling, Stephannie and her grandmother shared a very special time.

Stephannie, not yet over the loss of her beloved grandmother, finds herself dealing once again with a loved ones diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  This time it is her mother-in-law, a woman she loves and respects.  Obviously, this woman feels the same way, she asks Stephannie to be her Caregiver.  Stephannie felt honored and she and her family moved to be closer to her mother-in-law.  Stephannie assumed the full responsibility of being her Caregiver, sometimes upsetting other family members.  Watch/listen as Stephannie shares her experience as a Caregiver in different capacities. @OC Talk Radio Orange County’s only community radio station streaming live from @UCI Beall Applied Innovation at the Cove.

“As long as you speak my name I shall live forever.”

This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to

Viola Galvan and Trang Huyng



5 Minute Break: What Does Your Brand Stand? 5 Brand-Building Questions to Ask Yourself

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People are in relationships with brands. Where does your brand stand? Customers come to know you by how you behave, not by how you say you behave. Brands are evaluated and understood by their actions, not necessarily by their intentions. Above all, your brand must be meaningful and relevant to your audience. If it doesn’t motivate, persuade, or change behaviors and attitudes then . . . what’s the point? Today for your 5-Minute Break, I’ll highlight some prompts to get you thinking about how clear you REALLY are on your branding. Learn more about the power of effective branding at craftmarketingandbranding.com.

Taking the Burden off the Founder with EOS

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On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sat down with Deam Roys, the founder of Roys and Associates, a retained executive recruiting firm that connects talented people with jobs and helps companies retain those people. After informally running his business on EOS, Deam realized the value of this system as he started learning more about it. Eventually, he transitioned to using it with his business and telling other clients about it as well. Throughout the episode, Will and Deam discussed why entrepreneurs might be hesitant to adopt EOS and how the benefits of using EOS outweigh their doubts. 


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(0:40) Introduction to Deam Roys

(1:37) Staffing Trends

(2:24) Deam’s Relationship with EOS

(3:19) How Does EOS Change Companies?

(4:38) Entrepreneurs Are Getting in Their Own Way

(13:57) Figuring Out How to Balance

(16:43) EOS Life

(29:10) The Importance of Flexibility

(34:28) Contact Deam



Will Crist

Deam Roys




“…I think the biggest change I see is that they’re just a lot happier with not only their work life, but their personal life.” Deam Roys, (3:26)


“With EOS, not only does it help kind of give them a structure to align things a little bit better in their business, but it also gives them time for their own personal life at home, which I think a lot of them going into it don’t realize is imbalanced.” Deam Roys (3:48)


“I think that I would imagine many of these visionaries after going through EOS…must ask themselves what took them so long. How many years of their life that they lost not being able to spend their life doing the things that they really love. You know, why did it take them this long to get around to all this?” Deam Roys, (13:21)


“Half the battle, I think, is from the founder or visionary standpoint, trying to figure out what they’re not good at, you know? Because they kind of think they’re decent at doing everything and obviously they’re better at doing some things than others. But being able to admit that, ‘Hey, I’m not really that good at doing this and it’d be better for me to hire somebody to do this for me that’s actually good at it.’ Just admitting that and going through that process alone is half the battle.” Deam Roys, (20:01)

“We help them basically take the chains of entrepreneurial-ism off and help them really start living their life and enjoying their life.” Deam Roys, (35:07)

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5 Minute Break: Tips for Developing a Customer-First Marketing Strategy

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Whose responsibility is it to take ownership of a customer-first strategy? Customer experience is key to the success of any company, and ensuring this positive relationship with your brand depends on your ability to truly know your customer, and ultimately deliver on your brand promise. Only when you know the voice of your customer can you truly improve upon your crafted strategy to better serve those who interface with your brand. Today’s5-Minute Break centers around how your brand can implement a customer-first mindset and start seeing consumers as people, not just personas. Not sure where to get started with developing a customer-first strategy? Visit www.craftmarketingandbranding.com and learn more!

5-Minute Break: Managing your Calendar

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I’m guessing you’re like me.  Your calendar is jam-packed with meetings.  But the one with the most meetings doesn’t necessarily win.  Listen in for an idea to plan time in your day.

One for Dad

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Hear this heartening tale of Rich Bastian, the Pedego dealer from Cape May, NJ who bought his first bike and took it to his dad for his opinion. A once big bike rider, Rich’s father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and (needless to say) hadn’t ridden a bike in some time. But up comes his son with a new Pedego wondering what his father thinks about his idea of selling these new products..  To which his dad says, “Let me try it and I’ll tell you”. “Ten minutes later, he’s still not back,” recalls Rich. “Making me immediately worry something bad had happened”.  But up rides his dad with a big grin on his face. “Go for it!”  And so he did, opening several stores in the process. All dedicated to his dad, who rode that original eBike everyday throughout the last summer of his life. On this repeat episode of the PEDEGO PODCAST. All about the entrepreneurs driving this EBike Revolution. And the love stories of all those riding along…

5-Minute Break: Tactics

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At the end of all of the planning, you need to execute.  What are the right tactics that reach your target customer at the right time, regardless of whether you’re building awareness, generating interest, or making the sale?

5-Minute Break: Differentiation

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What’s your brand’s product or service differentiation strategy?  Do you even have a point of differentiation?