The EOS Life

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In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist is joined by Benjamin Berman, an Expert EOS Implementor. The two share a wealth of experience with EOS and have helped countless individuals and organizations live their ideal EOS Life. Throughout the episode, Will and Benjamin recount several success stories from their careers and discuss how EOS can help YOU live your ideal life. 


Show Notes

(1:01) Introducing Benjamin Berman

(3:10) EOS Success Stories

(17:03) Effective EOS Tools 

(23:08) Telling the Story within the Story

(24:59) Common Stories of Success

(40:11) Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


Benjamin Berman 



It’s impossible to be mindful when you’re putting in eighty hours a week or seventy hours a week like so many of those frustrated entrepreneurs we know.” – Benjamin Berman, (10:42) 


Without that central map to guide the internal processes, and without the marketing and the sales materials tying back to that journey and that central map that says ‘this is our central source of truth of what’s happening,’ you’re really missing an opportunity to get people aligned, get people interested, and get people fully through, over and over again.” – Benjamin Berman, (21:33)


Yes, profit is important. Yes, getting a return on a shareholder investment is important. The best way to do that is to pay attention to the relationships, to the community, to what people want and how they want to go about it, and to have great management, great bosses all the way down. And when we do that, we’re changing the way that businesses run today.” – Will Crist, (30:34)

If you look at us and watch us walk around—those who are living the EOS Life and those who are helping others live the EOS Life—we just can’t stop smiling.” – Benjamin Berman, (38:00)

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PEDEGO Electric Bikes Founder Don DiCostanzo on How the Journey Began

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Today we wrap up SEASON 2 of the Pedego Podcast with this look back to Episode 1 and where the journey began.  With the founder of Pedego Electric Bikes Don Dicostanzo on what he saw (that so many missed).  And how his own need for “a little boost back up the hill” led him to start one of the biggest climbs of his career, creating one of the biggest and most beloved eBike Brands in the country today. The only one with its own passionate and dedicated dealer network now numbering over 200 stores (and climbing). 

As we continue to chronicle the entrepreneurs driving the eBike Revolution. And the love stories of those riding along.

Wanna hear more?  Just let us know at  And maybe we’ll share your story on Season 3 in 2023!


OUR COMMUNITY: Meet Michele Bell, Superior Court Commissioner

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Meet Michele Bell, a Superior Court Commissioner (and daughter of a Panamanian immigrant). A young, rising star in our judicial system who is determined to help others from OUR COMMUNITY rise as well thru her ongoing mentorship of Latinx Law Students.

On this week’s OUR COMMUNITY podcast, powered by the OC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. And Orange County’s only community radio station, OC TALK RADIO. Streaming live from our studios here at UCI’s Beall Applied Innovation Center.

Ep. 37: Book Distribution 101

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How do you sell your book around the world as a traditional author or a trailblazing self-publishing author?


Have you ever heard the phrase it’s not what you know but who you know?

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“It’s not what you know but who you know,” was certainly true for 10-year pancreatic survivor Thom Mrozek.  Thom wasn’t sure how public he wanted to be about his diagnosis, but when his daughter, who at that time attended an episcopal school asked at Chapel “can we pray for my dad?” her request started the ball rolling.
Thom woke up one morning with a recurring pain that went on for a few days.  The pain became worse, and he took himself to urgent care.  The location of his pain caused the urgent care Dr to check his heart.  His heart looked good, and the Dr felt it was a stomach problem probably an ulcer or acid reflux. He was given some medicine and told to follow up with his Primary Care doctor.  Thom went to his internist who ordered a series of tests.  Thom, standing in front of his office received a phone call from his Dr “Thom it’s your pancreas, stop eating!” that comment lead to a “six-week testing treadmill.”
Watch or listen to Thom’s inspirational journey and how a prayer request led to a community of support for Thom and his family.
“As long as you speak my name, I shall live forever.” This episode is dedicated to Lupe Romero

William Shatner still riding at 90

Posted in electric bikes on October 24, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Yes, the iconic actor, William Shatner, star of STAR TREK (and so many other series like Boston Legal) is still riding at 90 (courtesy of his Pedego Electric Bike).  Hear again this highlight of our PEDEGO PODCAST SERIES (as we wind down to the last two episodes of this season).  And hear how, why and where he’s riding these days.

OUR COMMUNITY: Meet Valerie Amezcua, Santa Ana Unified School District Board Member

Posted in Business, hispanic on October 24, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Meet Valerie Amezcua, Board Member Santa Ana Unified School District. And hear how she helped develop and allocate funding for 56 Wellness Centers that provided mental health services throughout the District. And led efforts to secure over 50,000 Covid-19 vaccines for SAUSD Teachers, Families and community members as well.

Ep. 36: How to Turn Your TED Talk into a Book

Posted in book publishing, Business on October 24, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Is turning a speech into a book a good idea?

“Content remains king and everyone’s making all the things and doing all the speeches and giving all the talks and teaching all the courses, but they still love the idea of it being a book because that provides some ethos building and some validity because I have a book.”

We are book nerds, so we are really interested in the recent trial to block Penguin Random House’s acquisition of Simon and Schuster. So much so, that we purchased the ebook version of the transcripts of the trial by Publishers Lunch, and boy it was a lot of information to process. The document is huge and not fancy in its presentation. This led us to wonder if you can turn anything into a book.

Listen in as Jen and Vanessa talk about all the different ways you could repurpose content, like a speech, webinar, or course, into a book. We also discuss how the the framework is that you have to be careful with the content and make sure it is not just a transcription of the speech. And making sure that the book is associated with the speech, but not the exact same thing. 

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Ep. 34 What’s the Best Option for Your Business Book: Hardcover or Paperback? 

Helping Kids Build BIkes (and a Better Life)

Posted in electric bikes on October 18, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

As we wind down this season of the Pedego Podcast, let’s revisit one of our most inspirational guests. BEARING BIKES in inner city Atlanta who teaches kids how to build their own bikes (and in the process build up some confidence and skills that help them build a better life). On this week’s Pedego Podcast.


Posted in Business, hispanic on October 12, 2022 by OC Talk Radio

Meet Sean Ferrel, Founder and CEO of MANAGED SOLUTION on their managed IT services for major corporations.  And how this son of Panamanian immigrants grew up Riverside, landed a scholarship to UC San Diego playing baseball (just like his grandfather did in Panama’s professional baseball league).  And came out of college swinging, hitting a home run as he grew his one-man enterprise into multi-million dollar company.

And how he continues to give back to OUR COMMUNITY to this day (donating computers to foster kids and mentoring others).