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An Industry Innovator Who Spent Years with Microsoft Joins Us in the Studio

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Why Looking the Part Matters From a Bspoke Stylist

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Ready, Set, Grow! with Guest Dave Sikora

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Host, Laura Patterson interviews Dave Sikora, CEO, Altr for her monthly program: Ready, Set, Grow! LIVE Thursday, 7/19, 10:30am Pacific. 

Ready, Set, Grow! is to provide a venue for CXOs to share their insights on what it takes to successfully achieve organic growth, lessons learned, the role they believe Marketing needs to play in growth and how they measure Marketing’s contribution beyond this “quarters” revenue. 

About our guest, Dave Sikora

A software industry veteran, Dave has previously served as CEO of 2 public and 5 private, venture capital backed software companies and has held board director positions with 4 public companies. He executed the first Internet Software IPO in the State of Texas in 1995 and collectively his companies have raised over $100M in venture capital and have experienced exits and value creation events of almost $1B. Dave was most recently the CEO of Stratfor, a global intelligence and research firm with industry-leading products focused on emerging global physical and cybersecurity threats. Dave is an alumnus of the University of Houston and Harvard Business School.

OC Fair 2018

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Topics and Trends in Direct and Digital Marketing

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Today we will discuss the continued move toward the integration of direct and digital marketing and the balance of online and offline media focused on the consumer.  We’ll talk about trends in database marketing, and how a creative person can uniquely contribute to the use of insights from the database I also want to touch on the current climate regarding consumer privacy concerns. Host is Cyndi Greenglass.

Talking points include:

  1. Many in our industry feel that Direct Marketing is no longer an effective description for the practice of addressable and measurable communications. In fact, I believe that you are an advocate of using “Direct and Digital Marketing”.  Tell me how this had developed and why you feel that this is a better way to describe the industry today.
  2. So, with digital marketing coming on so strong, should we start planning the funerals and eulogies for traditional media like print, catalogs and TV are on their way out?
  3. Do you believe in the reality of “Omni channel” or is it still a future aspiration for us marketers?
  4. How do your creative skills help you to use information from databases?
  5. Much of database marketing sounds pretty complex and possibly quite expensive.  Can small and medium-sized companies afford to develop and use helpful databases, or is that just for the bigger firms?
  6. There is much concern in today’s world about personal privacy.  In Europe, the new GDPR mandates went into effect a few weeks ago.  Do you see more privacy legislation and regulation coming up in the US as well?
  7. Content Marketing is another hot topic in the direct and digital world these days. With so many firms developing content marketing programs, how can a marketer make sure that their information stands out?

About our guest, Susan Jones:

Susan Jones is a tenured, full professor of marketing at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, and the principal of Susan K. Jones & Associates. Jones teaches direct marketing, digital marketing, advertising and business-to-business classes at Ferris State. Her practice focuses on corporate training and seminars in direct and interactive marketing, as well as marketing planning, product development and copy writing. Susan has a literal worldwide following with students in United States, as well as South and Central America, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Susan has authored or co-authored more than 25 books, has been honored by the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing, the West Michigan American Marketing Association, the John Caples International Awards, Ferris State University and Northwestern University with prestigious awards both as an educator and as a practitioner.

Susan is also a fellow Adjunct Instructor at WVU in the Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications and has been selected by students of the University for the prestigious Educator of the Year award.

How to succeed as a new SDR

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Sales is a profession with a steep learning curve, and a short timeline to produce results. If you’re a new sales development rep (SDR), what can you do to succeed, and what mistakes should you avoid? Host, Darryl Praill interviews Lori Richardson on this topic. 
About our guest, Lori Richardson
Lori Richardson is the founder of sales consultancy Score More Sales, where she helps company leaders fix sales team issues to grow more revenues. She is the voice for “more women in sales” and is the President of Women Sales Pros, chartered to get more women into B2B sales and sales leadership roles in companies with male majority sales teams. In Lori’s technology and financial services sales career she worked for 23 different sales managers and she has helped onboard over 1,000 SDRs, BDRs, and AEs in a 3 year period. Her new book, “She Sells, She Leads” will be available in September.

Data: Past, Present & Future with Don Wynns

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Our new monthly show, INSIDE Inside Sales hosted by Darryl Praill, Chief Marketing Officer at VanillaSoft welcomes guest, Don Wynns. VP of OEM and Partnershps at HG Data. They are talking about Data: Past, Present and Future. 

About our guest, Don Wynns

Don is a business development professional with proven track record of creating, and growing revenue streams through the indirect channel. Don’s executive presence, vision, and commitment to win-win partner relationships is well known within the B2B data industry. When not working west coast hours from his home in Boston, Don spends time with his wife and two teenage children and his golden retriever, who accompanies Don to the office every day.