Can I Develop My Idea Into A Book?

Is Your Idea a Book? Sometimes a small idea can become a much bigger conversation (55k words or more of conversation) and other times it’s more of a blog post. On this episode of the Pub Date Podcast, Dr. Jen Dorsey and Vanessa Campos share how the rhetorical triangle can help you answer the question, “is my idea enough for a book?”

This is the step you MUST take before having the book talk with people in publishing. It’s so important that we developed a course to help you master the book proposal–even if you’re not planning on pitching your book to the big publishers.

Start your publishing journey with a little help from the book broads: 



About the Write A Winning Book Proposal Course:

This course gives you the roadmap you need to craft and position a winning proposal. We help you put it all together to make your publishing dreams a reality. You will learn how to:

  • Create your elevator pitch

  • Showcase your writing skills with chapter summaries

  • Integrate your book in your business with a solid marketing plan

  • Set yourself apart with a strong author bio and platform

  • Bring it all together with an editing checklist



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