Negotiations Are like Relationships



In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Will Crist sits down with Christine McKay, CEO of Venn Negotiation. Christine is one of the world’s best negotiators, and her resume speaks for itself. She’s helped nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies as well as several hundred small and mid-sized businesses. Together, Christine and Will discuss negotiating in today’s world, embracing emotions to improve negotiation skills, and changing the world with the EOS model.


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(0:19) Introducing Christine McKay, Venn Negotiation

(1:21) What’s Happening in the World of Negotiation?

(4:47) Seeing Others’ Humanity during Negotiations

(11:10) Scarcity vs. Abundance

(19:19) Don’t Be Afraid of Emotions!

(26:34) Freedom Starts with ‘No’

(31:25) EOS Can Change the World 

(45:29) Closing Thoughts


Will Crist


Christine McKay 

Venn Negotiation 


If we don’t create an environment that allows us to have hard conversations about the state of our relationship in business—or even in our personal lives—then at the end of the day, we’re not going to be successful.” (3:36) – Christine McKay


We’ve created a culture where the fear of loss is greater than the hope for gain. How sad is that when there’s so much gain that we can hope for, when there’s so many possibilities.” (18:33) – Christine McKay

What do you think it would be like if, by the time we hit our ten-year target, you had 100% of the people in this organization living the EOS life or have a path to it? What do you think that would do for the attraction of new people, retention of your best people, and motivation for everybody?” (39:13) – Will Crist


Making money is not the most important thing. That has brought us to our knees, and we’re struggling with that.” (46:15) – Will Crist


Negotiation is a conversation. It’s a conversation about your relationships, and you can’t win relationships. So, stop trying to win them—work on building them and growing them…Create that space that allows not only for you to grow, but for your counterparts to grow too.” (47:25) – Christine McKay

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