How to Get Your Book Discovered on Amazon

On this episode of the Pub Date podcast book broads Dr. Jen Dorsey and Vanessa Campos discuss banned books, Scribd, Shel Silverstein (with a side of cannibalism), word of mouth marketing, and how to get your book discovered on Amazon as a self-published author. We try not to nerd out as we cover:

  • Good metadata (what makes up basic metadata, keywords, descriptive phrases, etc.)
  • Creating an Amazon Author Central (you can add extended bio, video content, blog content, images, and more) — Reviews (verified customers and editorial reviews) can help your book’s ranking
  • A+ content (Additional content to help the buyer learn more about your book. Consider adding images (spreads) of your book where you have images, graphs, etc.)
  • When in doubt, browse the competition and find books that are from distributed publishers. These books are more likely to check off major metadata boxes to ensure they’re discovered by new readers.




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