Just turned 60…now what?


After turning 60 and asking “now what”, Greg Lewis and his wife Kym decided to pack up their new house, buy a travel trailer and throw in a couple of Pedego eBikes to see where life might take them next.  A new “life on the road” in search of their next great adventure.  Using the travel trailer as their base camp and their eBikes as modern day horses to ride down the trails they discover (and over the the next ridge to whatever awaits them).  Chronicling all this in their new YouTube channel called “WeeRVee”.   

So if you want to feel stuck. Or just wanna feel young and yell “weee” again, ride along as “weee” take to the road with Greg and Kym Lewis (and their wee dog Charli) to see where the wind takes them. On this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.



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