Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights, oh my!

There are many reasons to protect your brand’s trademark. It seems obvious, yet so many businesses find themselves letting their trademark lapse or allowing it to be modified or misused.  This causes market confusion or, worse, allows your competitors to take it over potentially.

Also, if you own a business or are conducting the marketing for that business, and you use graphics or pictures from the internet, then publish them in presentation, social media, etc., you are putting your business in jeopardy.

That’s crazy, you say?  Well, you’re crazy…if you are using the copyrighted materials, the IP, of another company or person. Why, because you are committing a crime and can be fined thousands of dollars. And, if you were sued, that money comes right from your bottom line and potential could bankrupt your business.

Today at the Café I’m excited to have Sharon Adams, Founder & President of Adams Law Offices, on our show to discuss the importance of protecting your IP and your business.


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