The EOS Life



In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist is joined by Benjamin Berman, an Expert EOS Implementor. The two share a wealth of experience with EOS and have helped countless individuals and organizations live their ideal EOS Life. Throughout the episode, Will and Benjamin recount several success stories from their careers and discuss how EOS can help YOU live your ideal life. 


Show Notes

(1:01) Introducing Benjamin Berman

(3:10) EOS Success Stories

(17:03) Effective EOS Tools 

(23:08) Telling the Story within the Story

(24:59) Common Stories of Success

(40:11) Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


Benjamin Berman 



It’s impossible to be mindful when you’re putting in eighty hours a week or seventy hours a week like so many of those frustrated entrepreneurs we know.” – Benjamin Berman, (10:42) 


Without that central map to guide the internal processes, and without the marketing and the sales materials tying back to that journey and that central map that says ‘this is our central source of truth of what’s happening,’ you’re really missing an opportunity to get people aligned, get people interested, and get people fully through, over and over again.” – Benjamin Berman, (21:33)


Yes, profit is important. Yes, getting a return on a shareholder investment is important. The best way to do that is to pay attention to the relationships, to the community, to what people want and how they want to go about it, and to have great management, great bosses all the way down. And when we do that, we’re changing the way that businesses run today.” – Will Crist, (30:34)

If you look at us and watch us walk around—those who are living the EOS Life and those who are helping others live the EOS Life—we just can’t stop smiling.” – Benjamin Berman, (38:00)

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