PEDEGO Electric Bikes Founder Don DiCostanzo on How the Journey Began

Today we wrap up SEASON 2 of the Pedego Podcast with this look back to Episode 1 and where the journey began.  With the founder of Pedego Electric Bikes Don Dicostanzo on what he saw (that so many missed).  And how his own need for “a little boost back up the hill” led him to start one of the biggest climbs of his career, creating one of the biggest and most beloved eBike Brands in the country today. The only one with its own passionate and dedicated dealer network now numbering over 200 stores (and climbing). 

As we continue to chronicle the entrepreneurs driving the eBike Revolution. And the love stories of those riding along.

Wanna hear more?  Just let us know at  And maybe we’ll share your story on Season 3 in 2023!



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