Ep. 36: How to Turn Your TED Talk into a Book


Is turning a speech into a book a good idea?

“Content remains king and everyone’s making all the things and doing all the speeches and giving all the talks and teaching all the courses, but they still love the idea of it being a book because that provides some ethos building and some validity because I have a book.”

We are book nerds, so we are really interested in the recent trial to block Penguin Random House’s acquisition of Simon and Schuster. So much so, that we purchased the ebook version of the transcripts of the trial by Publishers Lunch, and boy it was a lot of information to process. The document is huge and not fancy in its presentation. This led us to wonder if you can turn anything into a book.

Listen in as Jen and Vanessa talk about all the different ways you could repurpose content, like a speech, webinar, or course, into a book. We also discuss how the the framework is that you have to be careful with the content and make sure it is not just a transcription of the speech. And making sure that the book is associated with the speech, but not the exact same thing. 

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