Challenges That Law Firms Can Overcome with EOS




On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist talked with John Nachezel, an integrator of EOS for Mike Morse Law Firm, who has almost 14 years of experience implementing EOS practices. John was brought into the Mike Morse Law Firm all those years ago to help instill structure and cohesiveness to lay the foundation for scalability. Throughout the episode, Will and John discuss how to help law firms become the best they can be, how to get those law firms partners, and how to help them get what they want from their law firm. 



(0:49) Introduction to John Nachezel

(3:07) Challenges That Law Firms Can Overcome

(4:25) Reconciling Ownership with the EOS System

(7:00) Logistics of the Mike Morse Law Firm

(10:43) An Integrators Approach vs. A Lawyers

(14:20) John Living the EOS Life

(20:44) Employees Living the EOS Life

(22:55) Advice for Law Firms Wondering about EOS

(24:14) Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


John Nachezel



“So, if you’re an owner, that’s fantastic and you can sit in the owner’s box and you can have your own meetings and talk about owner’s things, but make no mistake, when you are in the business and you are wearing that hat and sitting in that seat, that you’re not the owner, you’re an employee, and that is completely separate and distinct from the other.” – John Nachezel, (4:50)


“…the only way you will grow is chaotically and then you hit a ceiling. You’ll hit a cap, you’ll burn out…because the chaos can only take you so far. And it’s ‘I don’t have time to incorporate the principles that EOS teaches,’ but that’s the way you get time is by incorporating those principles.” – John Nachazel, (22:55)


“…it’s actually a very freeing thing. It’s not a stifling thing to have structure, and that structure and discipline is what allows you to unlock your creativity and allows you to be on offense delivering punches to the opposition…it frees you to be your best” – John Nachazel, (23:48)

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