”They come not in single spies but they come in battalions.”


A quote from Hamlet is how Kitty felt when getting her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  Kitty was going through a difficult time dealing with her father’s illness, a friend in the hospital, so much going on at one time.  It felt like the whole army was marching down on her.  How does someone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer feel like they are the luckist person in the world?  Kitty is very open in sharing her journey with us.  Kitty shares advice given to her husband from her Dr “Your wife is not a statistic, she is a person.”  As well as her own advice, “Dont’ lose hope, don’t lose hope, be here while you’re here.”

“As long as you speak my name, I shall live forever.” This episode is dedicated to Charlotte Rae, a great inspiration and the woman who introduced us.  We love you Charlotte!

Kitty Swink is an actress, activist, artistic director and a two time cancer survivor. She thought when at 39 she survived Breast Cancer she was done. Not so fast. 12 1/2 years ago at 49, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer, had a Whipple Procedure, chemo, radiation and more chemo and now at 62 she still shows no signs of disease. Grateful to be healthy and working at her craft she devotes a lot of time to helping others diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer move forward with their lives. It has blessed her with many great friends, not the least of which is her adopted mom, Charlotte Rae.
Her career began in commercials, regional theatre and off Broadway. She moved to California with husband of the year, every year, actor Armin Shimerman. She has appeared on dozens of television shows starting from It’s Garry Shandling’s Show and Designing Women, through Star Trek DS9 and Law and Order, on through The Fosters. She currently has two films on the Festival circuit, Penumbra and Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse. She is Associate Artistic Director of the award winning Antaeus Theatre Company. She has been nominated for Ovation, LA Drama Critic and Broadway World Awards and she has received an Independent Series Award, multiple Scenie Awards and an LA Drama Critics Award.  She is a former National VP of Screen Actors Guild.

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