EOS Turns Clients into Life-Long Friends




On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sat down with Ed Callahan, one of the early adopters of EOS who has been with the program for more than thirteen years. Ed even helped Will himself become involved in EOS. Though he has now earned emeritus status, Ed’s life has been and continues to be impacted by his time helping others live their best EOS life. Throughout the episode, Will and Ed discussed life before EOS, clients and their unique stories, and advice to all implementers.


Thanks for tuning in! 


Show Notes:

(0:39) Introduction

(1:15) Life before EOS

(11:10) Client Stories

(20:30) EOS Life

(39:48) Advice to All Implementers



Will Crist

Ed Callahan




“I think that’s a message to anybody listening…The clients you work with will become friends for life.” Ed Callahan, (16:46)


“EOS and its tools got [my clients] through this really difficult time at the front end and they swear by it.” Ed Callahan, (20:07)


“…EOS life has really been extraordinarily beneficial to me. You know, I’m an empty nester for a long time. Now I’ve got five grandchildren. So traveling to see those kids, traveling with my wife—it’s what we love to do.” Ed Callahan, (25:32)


“…Then and now, people rarely blink once they understand the value when they hear your fee.” Ed Callahan, (29:11)

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