Working Smarter, Not Harder with the EOS Life




On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sat down with Jim Coyle, an expert EOS Implementer. Jim has hosted about 700 EOS sessions to earn his title and is genuinely passionate about the work that he does with businesses. Jim truly believes in working smarter instead of harder, and he personally embodies the EOS Life in order to inspire and help others to do the same. Throughout the episode, Will and Jim discussed what life is like as an EOS Implementer and the impact of the EOS Life on clients. 


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Show Notes:

(1:00) Experience Transitioning to EOS Life

(4:29) Vacation Time

(6:11) Delegating Helps Others Shine

(11:26) Life as an EOS Expert

(14:23) Taking EOS Life Seriously

(17:01) EOS Life for All

(18:34) Creating Context for the EOS Life

(25:11) Impact on Clients



Will Crist

Jim Coyle




I think one of the reasons I became a coach within the community is because…I didn’t want people to struggle at the same level I did. Maybe I could help them to have less of that…but as I got through that struggle, I started to see that, wow, I was really bringing some beauty into the world, making a big impact.” Jim Coyle, (2:35)


“…There was a whole system that we had to set up and so it took a little bit of work, but it was well worth it for sure.” Jim Coyle, (5:27)


“….I think that a lot of times we, as entrepreneurs, set up a culture [where] we are the center of the universe that is the business. And that ultimately can cause a lot of problems for the business because everything then has to go through you because that’s what you designed. I don’t think that entrepreneurs realize they designed it that way, and then they whine about it…I do see that they cause their own pain.” Jim Coyle, (5:39)


“When people bring their full self to a company, [that] is when you get the full value from the individual.” Jim Coyle, (22:55)

“…I think that when we are the same person in all aspects of our lives…that’s when we can really bring real value and love…to the world. I think that when we’re putting energy into creating other personas, that doesn’t work, and I do think the EOS Life helps with that.“ Jim Coyle, (23:07)

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