Helping People Reach Their Full Potential through EOS



On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist talked with Julie Markee, a life-long entrepreneur with 25 years of experience helping businesses improve effectiveness. Julie started her business about 11 years ago helping companies streamline processes and increase profitability. However, over time, she realized her true passion was helping people achieve their full potential. That’s when she discovered EOS and realized it was a great way to utilize her engineering background and help owners get more out of their business. Throughout the episode, Will and Julie discussed her journey and some of her client’s journeys.


Show Notes:

(0:39) Introducing Julie Markee and Her EOS Life

(5:42) How the EOS Life Impacts Julie’s Clients

(9:24) Sharing the EOS Life with Every Employee

(17:16) Core Values

(24:27) Julie’s EOS Practice

(26:03) Connect with Julie and Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


Julie Markee 



“It’s just going to take off when we really start to talk about what it means to live a very fulfilling life in a way where we are using our unique abilities…we’re just fired up and excited to make our contribution to society.” Julie Markee, (8:44)


“…one of the things that makes an EOS company work so well is because the goal is a hundred percent of the right people, people who live with those core values most of the time.” Will Crist, (15:27)

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